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Below is an extract from Annabel Beerel's superb article on diversity and inclusion. Annabel,  who is LeaderShape Global's Managing Partner in the USA, is a recognised expert on leadership, particularly around ethics and women leaders.  Routledge will be publishing her new book, "Ethical Leadership and Global Capitalism" in December.


I Say - Let's Embrace Difference
I say we abolish the term "diversity and inclusion." I say let's talk about embracing difference - all difference and all differences.
Diversity and inclusion is a political and power phrase. Einstein taught us everything is relative to a reference point. Well, what or who is the reference point here? In the Western hemisphere, and certainly in the US, it is white males. Heterosexual, white males serve as the reference point against which it is determined who or what is diverse. Of course, politics and power come into play here. Those in power make the rules as to defining the in crowd and the out crowd. This dynamic has been going on for thousands of years.

People typically fall into the "diverse" category by the focus on externals, such as color, race, ethnicity, gender and so on. But by far the larger and more significant element of our differences lies in our values, beliefs, expectations, attitudes and world views. These create the real tensions and dissensions.
Then there is the word "inclusion." A term for the powerful over the powerless. "I will decide how and when to include you!" We include tokens: token female, token black, token gay and so on. And we call ourselves inclusive! Who wants to be included rather than be part of the decision-makers? Who wants to be included rather than embraced? "I don't want to be included. I want to be embraced, appreciated, understood, valued, and entitled to my natural seat at the table."
I also say let's get rid of that odious word "tolerance." Who wants to be tolerated? Tolerance is the simmering end of the long torch of hatred. It describes borderline acceptance. And as we know, any moment, tolerance turns to intolerance.
I suggest we talk about embracing and celebrating difference. Different everything, because the world is one big melting pot of difference and if we don't recognize that we are living a dreadful illusion.
Lastly, do trainers realize bias cannot be eliminated? It is what we do with it that matters.

In organisations, a culture that embraces "difference" can be best created and maintained by Transpersonal Leaders who focus on developing themselves through increasing self-awareness, managing their emotions and bringing their values to full consciousness. They can thus create a culture that is not only performance enhancing, caring and sustainable, but also embraces difference!

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Leading Beyond The Ego - John Knights Interview 

John Knights was recently interviewed by Dov Baron (Leadership for Fortune 500) for his extremely well respected podcast 'Leadership and Loyalty tips for Executives'. The thought provoking and straight-talking conversation that came from this is now available to watch on Youtube. It includes some great questions, ideas, insights and messages around:
  • Why Transpersonal Leadership is a necessary approach for sustainable success in the 21st century.
  • Why most leaders can't recognise where their own ego is in the way.
  • Why being Purpose and Values based is the great equaliser
  • Why giving some people the benefit of the doubt is the completely wrong thing to do.

Save the link and make time to watch it. It really is great!

CPD ACCREDITATION  for our  Individual Transpersonal Leadership Coaching Programme

We are very pleased to announce that our Individual Transpersonal Leadership Coaching Programme has recently been given 72 hours  CPD accreditation by The CPD Standards Office. This programme equips leaders and their organisations to thrive in a multi-generational, globalised, AI enhanced, ethically sensitive, 'VUCA world'.

Why is it this programme beneficial to you and your organisation?

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