IT-M3100 Ultra-compact 1U Half Rack DC Programmable Power Supply
IT-M3100 series is an ultra-compact 1U Half-Rack high performance, high output DC Power Supply.

Multiple stacking and parallel connection are made easy with the "leg" plug-in design.
The IT-M3100 series consists of 12 models. There are 6 different output types which can be combined to achieve different output powers.

Suitable for a variety of applications including research and development, design verification and automatic test.
Product Features
  • 1U Half-Rack, Ultra-Compact Size
  • Adjustable rising/falling speed of output current, to meet various test applications
  • High speed test, up to 10 times per second
  • Up to 100 steps LIST operation, supports output of various dynamic waveforms
  • Supports CC/CV loop speed and priority setting
  • Parallel or series operation can be easily controlled by one unit
  • Independent control of multi- channels, one communication card can control up to 16 channels, max.256 channels
  • Support output of different timings of each channel, can synchronize or delay the output, and supports the output of different ratios of voltage
  • Support CANOPEN, LXI, SCPI and other communication protocols
  • Five optional cards for plug-and-play function, providing RS232, CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB_TMC, USB_VCP, RS485, external analogue and IO r communication interfaces
  • Support TRACE function, can draw voltage and current waveforms in real time ( Supported by program)
  • Battery charging test function
  • Software watchdog provides reliability and safe automatic battery testing
  • Protection functions such as OVP, ±OCP, ±OPP, OTP, ensure secure testing
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