IT/Network Newsletter                                                      March 2017

To Stream or Not to Stream
March Madness is upon us.  How many of your workers are streaming basketball games using your company Wi-Fi? 
Workplace streaming policies are becoming more and more popular and vary wildly from business to business.  Some aren't concerned about bandwidth and focus more on security measures to protect their network.  Others ban music, video and other streaming and have very strict policies.     
In this article, you'll learn key areas to consider when drafting a streaming policy for your company.  

Welcome to Malvertising

Ransomware is changing and it's even smarter!
Ransomware has advanced from easily detectable email spam with infectious malware, to Malvertising - the use of online ads to spread malicious malware on legitimate online advertising networks.      
No one expects to get infected with malware when they visit trusted sites like CBS News or YouTube - hardly the seedy sites of the Internet.  That's what makes it so effective for the bad guys and why it's important to learn how to protect yourself and your business.

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