IT/Network Newsletter                                               August 2018

5 Reasons Companies Choose Managed IT Services     
No matter the size of your company, managing IT services can be overwhelming.  Making sure IT equipment is secure, up to date and running properly isn't just a full-time job - it's an ever-evolving set of tasks.
Because of this, businesses are increasingly choosing to employ managed IT services to handle their IT needs. Learn the top 5 reasons companies adopt managed IT services to keep their IT infrastructure up and running.
Should You Be Backing Up Office 365?   
Many businesses today do not maintain a physical mail and document server.  The upfront investment and added expense of a server room or co-location costs has prompted the move to using Office 365 for email, document storage and sharing.
If you're one of the many that have moved to the cloud, you may not want to totally rely on Microsoft's backup strategy.     
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About DWD Technology Group
DWD Technology Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Sage Software Reseller serving clients in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and throughout the Midwest.  We are committed to helping companies evaluate and implement proven network, accounting and business management software systems and to provide support to keep those systems flourishing over time. 
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