IT/Network Newsletter                                                June 2 019

Multi-factor Authentication Best Practices       
Due to the growing number of data breaches involving stolen passwords, many companies today are turning to multi-factor authentication (MFA) technology to mitigate password risk. 

While a user login and password remain a critical part of security, they are no longer enough to reduce the risk of compromised credentials, especially with the rise of cloud adoption.

Learn 6 best practices to consider when setting up multi-factor authentication for your business.

Protecting Your Technology and Data While on Vacation    
June, July and August are the most popular months for people to hop in a car or on a plane and take off for their annual summer vacation.

While the actual definition of vacation states that it is "a leave of absence from a regular occupation", that is not always the case.  Oftentimes, it is necessary to bring along a laptop, tablet or smart phone to continue to stay in touch.

If that is the case, it's important to learn the best ways to keep your technology devices and data safe. 
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