IT/Network Newsletter                                                      February 2017

Avoid Mobile Device Mayhem
Smartphones, tablets, hybrid laptops, smart watches ... What have employees brought into your office since the holiday season? 
During the months of January and February, many companies notice an influx of new mobile devices that have been gifted to employees during the holiday season.  While your employees are excitedly showing their co-workers all the new features on their new device, you are wondering how you're going to protect your network.  
Learn how to create a Bring Your Own Device policy where both employee and employer win.  

Ransomware 101 - Free Webinar

Just when we learned how to effectively deal with viruses and malware, another type of malicious software has come along called Ransomware. 
Although it doesn't wear a bandana or mask to hide its identity, ransomware acts just like a criminal holding a hostage captive until a sum of money is paid.  Only, the hostage is your computer and its data.
Join us on Wednesday, February 22nd at 9am for a free educational webinar about Ransomware.
During this 30 minute webinar, we will cover everything from defining Ransomware and showing real-life examples to providing tips to protect your devices and network. 
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