IT/Network Newsletter                                          October 2018

Are Your Passwords for Sale on the Dark Web?       
Protect Yourself, Your Employees and Your Business 
In today's digitized and networked world, data breaches have become common among individuals and businesses.  One of the most frequent causes of data breaches are stolen, default or weak passwords. 
Digital credentials such as passwords and usernames connect you and your employees to critical business applications; and because criminals know this, they are among the most valuable assets floating around the Dark Web.
If you or your employees are using weak, old or the same password for personal and work accounts you are at risk!     
Is Your System Haunted by a Virus?     
Spooky pop-ups, strange sounds and phantom messages are all signs of a computer virus.
Like a ghost in a haunted house at Halloween, computers that are infected with malicious viruses produce a series of spooky signs that indicate their presence.  While the thought of having a computer virus can be frightening, It's easy to protect yourself with a few simple tricks.
Know the signs so you can take action before the virus wreaks havoc on your computer.    
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