Cardinal Net
In order for our programs to work effectively and to have the proper security in place for all users, everyone in the district should be using Cardinal Net for their wifi. When something is not working, switching out of Cardinal Net will create more problems with accessing district resources. Please stay connected to Cardinal Net at all times.
CLEVER Badges 
Badges are an easy way for our younger students to access Clever. When we rolled out Clever last January, the badge feature still had a number of issues which led us to recommend not using the badges. Over the last few months, Clever has made improvements to signing in with badges. You can access a class set of badges by following these steps:
  1. Log into Clever.
  2. Click on Classes in the top menu bar.
  3. Choose Homeroom
  4. Click on the button, Download Class Set of Badges
Ad Hoc Reports in Infinite Campus
Our Student Information System, Infinite Campus (IC), is a very powerful tool. With the vast amount of information located in IC, it can provide important information for our staff. We have the ability to extract this data using Ad Hoc Reports. Recently, many teachers have been asking for student emails and lunch pins to assist with logging into Clever. You can access this information along with other useful reports by following the the blue arrows in the picture to the right or the link below.

Tim Tatko - 4th grade Teacher at Orchard Hollow
Tim Tatko is a fourth grade teacher at Orchard Hollow and is always excited to find new ways to incorporate technology into his classroom. Recently, Tim had a new mobile cart with a TV added to his redesigned classroom. He wanted to figure out the best way to take advantage of this new technology. He has quickly found uses for this TV by allowing kids to project their Chromebooks up to share what they are working on. He has found this extremely useful when kids are editing their writing by quickly gaining feedback from him or other students in the class.

Tim also has discovered some great uses for his teacher iPad in the classroom. Tim uses his iPad to be able to move around the classroom and project using AirServer which he has loaded on his MacBook. He can quickly take a picture of a student's work, project and have the student walk the class through how they solved a math problem. Tim has been using apps like Prowise Presenter and Show Me to highlight key ideas as the students explain. He said it is so powerful to watch the kids take control of the iPad and demonstrate their learning for the other students. Tim says that the iPad has greatly helped with classroom management.

This past week, Tim also volunteered to share his knowledge of Brainpop with other staff members during a staff meeting. Tim finds that B rainpop has become so much more than just good instructional videos. He finds that the program has allowed him to quickly assess students' understanding on a topic. Students also have the ability to watch, pause and re-watch the videos if necessary. He finds this very helpful for students who may be struggling to understand a concept. Tim is excited to find more ways to take advantage of the technology and help engage his students while in his class!