SMART Boards and SMART Notebook
Last week we sent information out regarding the district's plans with SMART Boards and the SMART Notebook software. Over the last five years, our district has made a move to 1:1 devices for our students. SMART Board technology was created for the single-computer classroom, giving the user the opportunity to share and demonstrate what was on that single device.  Because of our transition to 1:1, we are beginning to phase out SMART Board technology and find new ways to engage students using their own devices. For this reason, we have we have begun to remove SMART Boards from classrooms as we go through the classroom redesign process at each grade level. SMART Notebook licenses that we had purchased previously expire this summer. Please make sure to check your email if you use the SMART Notebook software for a process to assist with this transition.
Custodians / Maintenance / Material Handlers
This month we would like to highlight our amazing custodians, maintenance staff and material handlers. These individuals assist our Tech Team in so many ways to make sure that when we are in the buildings, we have everything that we need! Here are a few specific examples of how our custodians, maintenance staff and material handlers help our team:
  • Collaborating with our department to make sure all of our equipment is working in the most efficient way possible
  • Moving equipment from building to building
  • Wiring and installing IT equipment
  • Having equipment / tools to assist our technicians
  • Quickly informing IT staff if technology is not working as expected
Thank you to all of the Custodians, Maintenance Staff and Material Handlers for being Tech Supporters!