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Here's our campaign newsletter for Feb. 11, 2024. Tallahassee politicians seem to think they know better than your local councils and commissions. I attended two important meetings during the past week - Punta Gorda's City Council and the Burnt Store Corridor Coalition. Even if you live elsewhere, these meeting affect you in House Dist. 76, Stay tuned to see how.

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All Politics is Local!

I'm running to represent the citizens of Florida House Dist. 76. Check here to learn if you live in 76. Unlike my opponent, I live in the center of the district. And I try to attend as many events as possible to learn about your concerns.

Burnt Store Road is Red Hot

Burnt Store -

is one of the fastest growing areas of Dist. 76. And the Burnt Store Corridor Coalition is giving an earful to local elected leaders. I listened in Thursday as Charlotte and Lee County officials learned about heavy traffic on Burnt Store Rd. taking a toll on wildlife and motorists. Read this excellent article in Gulfshore Business. Officials complained that their hands were tied by Tallahassee legislators refusing efforts to improve building codes in the wake of Hurricane Ian. They also mentioned the limits on new housing impact fees imposed by the legislature. More reasons to Protect Local Power!

Punta Gorda Council

Four Punta Gorda Council-members voted to adopt changes to the city's Comprehensive Plan. Only newly-elected Council-member Debi Lux voted against the change. City development is now the hottest issue in Punta Gorda. Many citizens at the meeting asked for new hearings on the plan. A voter rebellion led to Lux's election last November. I expect other council members will soon face opposition for re-election. Three of them are up for election this year

What do you Think?

Should PG Council be Replaced?
It doesn't matter to me

Video Production

Ads are coming soon

This past week, I shot video for campaign commercials that will appear on social media. Those ads will focus on my positions on reproductive freedom and homeowners' insurance. Stay tuned!

Ads cost money. Video production costs money. It's a sad fact that campaigning for office is expensive. Our supporters have been generous but we need to keep up the good work. Please visit my website JimBlue.com and click on the DONATE button.

Thank You!

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