Aloha, Republican:

Whew, another day, another insider tip.

This time, endorser of multiple Democrats Bob McDermott tipped off HIRA overnight that Democrats are circling the wagons around first term Democrat Matt LoPresti, who rubber stamps the Democrat agenda with his vote in the State House every chance he gets . . . and who currently co-represents Ewa Beach alongside McDermott, as their district dividing line is Fort Weaver Road.

But upon closer examination, things get downright disturbing.   Why is a Republican joining Democrats in giving money to Democrat LoPresti??  More about that in a second.

First, what happened to 'Tea Party Republican' Kym Pine (alias Kym Marcos Pine, alias Kym Pine-Ryglowski, alias Kymberly Neaulani Pine, et al)?!?  First, we find out that Democrat Kirk Caldwell is actively raising money in 2016 for Pine's re-election campaign (to the chagrin of Pine's card-carrying Democrat challenger for City Council).  Then, we find out that Pine has been helping Democrat Kirk Caldwell to get re-elected in 2016 by actively endorsing his campaign (over Republican Djou).
It makes you seriously wonder -- Did Pine really go over to the dark side . . . and, if so , when ?
Today, we got at least one of the answers we were looking for.  Thanks to mandatory campaign finance reporting, HIRA learned from the State Campaign Spending Commission that Pine has been donating substantial funds to help re-elect a Democrat over a strong Republican challenger in Ewa Beach.  [April Nishii, Pine's treasurer (pictured above) and active member of the Oahu League of RINO Women (OLRW) reportedly prepared the big check for Democrat LoPresti.]

That's right, Tea Party Republican Kym Pine-Ryglowski transferred $1,000 from her campaign warchest to the campaign fund of ultra-liberal Democrat Matt LoPresti in order to help defeat Republican Bryan Jeremiah.  Not a very "tea party" or "conservative" or even a very "Republican" maneuver.  Pine acts exactly like a Democrat.

In fact, Pine joined with House Speaker Joe Souki, Democrat majority leader Scott Saiki, Democrat Representative Sylvia Luke, the HGEA, the AFL-CIO, the UPW, the HSTA, the Carpenters Union, Planned Parenthood and other pro-Democrat groups in donating campaign funds to Ewa Beach Democrat LoPresti.  That's quite a Democrat donor club Pine has ingratiated herself into.
So, have Hawaii Republicans been stabbed in the back by Pine, a politician who has gladly and repeatedly solicited funds and support from Republicans over the past decade, many of whom likely don't know about Pine's left-turnIt sure seems that way.

WHAT TO DO WITH TRAITORS:  Under Hawaii Republican Party rules, Section 107 calls for the immediate termination of any member who helps a Democrat Party nominee against a Republican Party nominee in an election.  What could be a more active way of helping Democrats than filling up their campaign coffers with big bucks to cover the cost of printing and postage for direct mail in a spread out and populated district like Ewa Beach?
Don't our party's rules need to be enforced ?  Is it okay or not okay for Republicans to help Democrats with $1,000 mega-donations?
Indeed, rumors abound whether Pine-Ryglowski is still a card-carrying Republican or if she's formally joined the ranks of Democrats.  We shouldn't have to guess?  Either she is or she isn't.
But the official word on Pine's status is a closely-guarded secret at the $15,000 per month headquarters of the virtually bankrupt Hawaii GOP which (as HIRA reported yesterday) has no serious intentions of helping any Republicans get elected in 2016, based on the insider tip from Pine's pro-rail, pro-tax colleague Bob McDermott that "the party has zero" funds after blowing through all donor monies raised for 2016.
To the best of HIRA's knowledge, de facto rulemaker and party chairman Fritz Rohlfing has never addressed this lingering matter, nor has his hand-picked chairman of the powerful Rules Committee, blogger Andrew Walden (pictured here) taken any action or made any clarification to the membership of the Hawaii GOP.

Are these two party leaders actively protecting Pine from enforcement of party rules against Republicans helping Democrats against GOP candidates?  Or is the entire GOP party leadership keeping yet another secret from card-carrying Republicans that Pine resigned from the party??
It would NOT be surprising if party leaders were providing cover for Pine.  Only a few weeks ago, the very same Rules Committee chairman Andrew Walden was actively trying to get the Honolulu Republican Party to endorse Pine for re-election, in addition to Democrat Ann Kobayashi.  [What a mess the RINO's have made of the Hawaii GOP.]

Why won't party leaders level with us when Pine-Ryglowski's actions throughout 2016 indicate that she is playing for the other team very consistently?
After all, this is the same Kym Pine who eagerly ran the Honolulu Tax Day Tea Party from her government office; risking prison time to use state employees, office space and other resources for weeks and weeks to plan and organize the Tea Party festivities from inside her official State Capitol office.  The same Kym Pine who solicited attendees of the Tea Party for campaign money for her re-election.  The same Kym Pine who used government workers to perform opposition research, fundraising, and many, many other campaign-related activities for her own "Friends of Kymberly Pine" campaign operation from her 3rd floor office at the capitol . . . all at risk of facing prosecution, imprisonment and fines for a variety of related crimes if exposed.
Republicans deserve to know the truth about Pine-Ryglowski's conversion to the dark side.  Republicans deserve to find out next week if we either LOST seats or picked-up seats since the 2014 election.  But by continually keeping it a secret about which politicians have jumped ship to another party, Fritz Rohlfing and Andrew Walden are only 'gaming the numbers' to make GOP losses in 2016 appear less embarrassing.

Now that Pine-Ryglowski is 100% pro-rail and embraces high taxes, fat raises and lifetime perks for government bureaucrats, and more, she clearly feels motivated and even entitled to take $1,000 of the money she got from the likes of HGEA and re-gift that very money to Democrat LoPresti.  That's simply what happens when you quit one gang and join another . . . even in secret.
Given the track record of current RINO party leaders who don't seem to care about anything at all, Pine's support for Democrats in 2016 will surely be appreciated by RINOs and closet Democrats at the Hawaii GOP as a goodwill gesture deserving of accolades from Miriam Hellreich at the party's next 'bait and switch' Lincoln Day "Save the HQ" Dinner fundraiser in 2017 -- where donors were defrauded in the name of our nation's 16th (and the GOP's 1st) president.  Whew!  Good luck selling political 'hope' at that depressing gala when the Democrat Machine enters the new year stronger than ever!!  [Indeed, should the RINO's manage to keep control of the party, they might as well turn the ownership papers for the local GOP over to the Democrat buddies already.]
Finally, it should go without question that we deserve to know the truth, fellow Republicans.  Since party leaders are doing jack squat to help elect Republicans and have completely ignored their job descriptions and party rules for the past two years, they can surely find five minutes to send out an e-mail blast to party members addressing this Pine situation, as well as all the other elected officials who jumped ship to the 'dark side' without us being informed by GOP leaders.  Don't you agree?
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