The 'Special Session' for Increasing Taxes for Rail Construction is a GO.
Let the fleecing get worse.

Aloha, Republicans:
With zero opposition from the Hawaii Republican Party, a 'special session' of the Democrat-run Hawaii State Legislature is being scheduled for July or August so that taxes can be increased AGAIN to fund the first 20 miles of the 34-mile Hannemann/Caldwell/Djou rail transit system.
Democrats and RINO's are coming for your wallet again.  While new state GOP chairperson Shirlene Ostrov precisely followed her predecessor Fritz Rohlfing's example by staying silent about taxes and rail and the prospect of a special session, and while Ostrov's opponent Republican minority leader Andria Tupola joined her rival by also doing absolutely nothing, the Hawaii GOP's gubernatorial candidate "RINO Bob" McDermott begged Governor Ige to call the legislature back into session so that taxes could be raised even higher and more punishing to island families.
Today, Democrats interpreted these crystal clear political messages as carte blanche approval to zoom ahead and do whatever they want to raise additional revenue for phase one of the troubled rail construction project.  They didn't have to read the tea leaves to see that Republicans would give them no trouble whatsoever and that some fake Republicans like McDermott were chomping at the bit to vote for higher taxes.  Your Hawaii GOP sent the message to Democrats loud and clear:  GO FOR IT!!!
But this decision to fund rail at all costs is not a 'temporary' funding measure.  The reality to taxpayers is that funding rail will be a permanent part of their lives and future generations.   Anyone who has ever worked in sales knows that earning 'residual commissions' off a sale (e.g. insurance) can set you up with a lifetime of income;   long past the original moment that you made the sales pitch and got the initial signature on the dotted line .
Well, the rail project is exactly like that for Democrats and their allies in the Rail Cartel.  Endless generations of your family will be paying Democrats hundreds of millions of dollars in higher taxes forever to operate and maintain TheTrain, not to mention expanding the system to the full 34-miles mandated by Charles Djou's legislation which created the City's HART agency charged with building rail.
Perhaps you are freaking out right now.  You're wondering, "W here was my Hawaii Republican Party?  Why didn't they do anything to fight this special session or make the case against higher taxes for rail?"
Well, stay tuned.  HIRA will let you know some mindblowing news tomorrow with our exclusive scoop that will make you want to break something and let out a primal scream.  No kidding!!  [HINT:  Everything HIRA warned you about the Hawaii GOP is true and the evidence is undeniable.]
Until tomorrow, keep up the pressure on the governor and your elected officials to abandon this special session madness.  You have already paid Democrats more than enough for this boondoggle.  TELL THEM THIS --->:  If the developers, politicians, unions, and construction industry really want this project so badly (because it's 'so good and needed for our community'), they they should donate their services to make up the huge multi-billion dollars shortfall and write off the donation.

Finally, don't give up the fight, fellow conservatives.  The only way Democrats can continually succeed in Hawaii is by cheating through infiltrating our party and keeping us on the sidelines.  Over the years, HIRA has exposed many liberal infiltrators in the Hawaii GOP's leadership.  Sadly, we're about to do expose this again!


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