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Friday, August 13th, 2021 | Issue 38
ITA Coaches Resources Website

The Coaches Resources website at is now available for all your team staff to visit. The members-only knowledge base is where to go for:

You can also find all ITA coach education content on the site, including:

We will be adding instructions for new technology tools as they become available. Examples of “how-to” content are now ready for live scoring and match stats and creating your team website from your ITA Team Workspace.
Coach Masterclass:
Chapter 21 - Developing a Relationship with your Sports Supervisor

Chapter 21 of the College Coach Masterclass helps coaches see some things from the chair of the Athletic Director. Marco Born (NCAA Tennis Champion & AD at Lamar) and Dr. Nicki Moore (Colgate AD) answer some of the following questions:
  1. How can you make an impression on the AD before, during, and after the interview?
  2. How do you manage a difficult relationship with your sports supervisor?
  3. What skills should the 21st-century college coach be learning and developing in 2021?
Book Recommendation

With technology costs dropping and the ability to capture video so easily through our phone; analyzing your players, games, and technique has never been easier or cheaper. If you are interested in how we got to this point of analysis in sports you might enjoy Game Changers by Joao Medeiros. It is a fascinating, entertaining read, and for those of you looking to find ways to get 1% in all areas of what you do you may find some inspiration in this book. I particularly enjoyed the story about the UK Women's Field Hockey team and the changes they made to win an Olympic Gold.

"Athletes rarely fulfill their potential under a generic training regime. Rather, they thrive when they are treated as individuals"

"You don't always have to do things because they have always been done a certain way"
Quick Links

  • The ITA is searching for a Program Coordinator. Please share this opportunity with anyone you think might be interested. Click HERE for more details.
  • The annual ITA Coaches Convention (Dec. 3-6, Las Vegas) registration opens on September 7th. We have some great speakers coming, including Andre Agassi's former S & C coach, Gil Reyes.
  • Social Media Amplification - if you would like the ITA to share some interesting stories about your program please fill out this FORM.
  • Giancarlo Lemmi (Associate Head Women's Coach, Liberty University) has an updated version of his fantastic book, The Court of Excellence which you can order HERE. Giancarlo will also be running a workshop at our 2021 convention on 'How to Develop your own Coaching Philosophy.'
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