Dear MSYSA League Presidents, Delegates, and Registrars:

As of June 1, 2018, US Soccer now requires State Associations to upload player/member data into US Soccer’s National Data Center (NDC). This new requirement has also brought about changes to US Soccer requirements for International Clearances (ITC).

Based on new requirements, clubs with a professional affiliation must collect and submit the following “ITC information” (3 data fields) for all players when submitting registrations:
·        Country of birth
·        Country of citizenship
·        Whether the player has previously registered to play soccer outside the US
(This registration information must be included in MSYSA’s upload to US Soccer’s NDC.)

US Soccer (& MSYSA) defines a professionally affiliated club as one that has “legal, financial, or de facto links to a professional team”.

Due to the changes associated with ITC requirements, an ITC is only required of those players registering within a club with a professional affiliation (see above). In other words, the ITC process is no longer needed or required for any players registering with a club that does not have a professional affiliation.

For players registering with a professionally affiliated club: Based on the “ITC Information” data for each player, the need for ITC will be triggered and initiated within US Soccer’s NDC. An ITC is triggered (and required) for any player aged 10 and up who was either born outside the US or has previously registered to play soccer outside the US. The ITC process/request is housed entirely in the US Soccer NDC. Thus, ITCs are no longer processed with US Soccer via email.

The NDC requires that all player registrations within a professionally affiliated club include information for these 3 specific data fields (country of birth, country of citizenship, and whether the player has previously registered to play soccer outside the US). These are required in order for the players to be considered properly registered. If these 3 specific data fields are not provided, an upload of the player/member data is not possible and the players cannot be registered until this information is received.

Please also note:
·        Once a player has received international clearance, the process will not have to be repeated unless the player subsequently plays outside the United States.
·        US Soccer will update records within the NDC for those players who have previously obtained ITC.

For those professionally affiliated clubs, MSYSA will reach out to you in the coming weeks with more information.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MSYSA State Office.


Danielle Guzman
Member Services Manager
 MSYSA 9401 General Drive, Suite 120
Plymouth, Michigan 48170