January 8, 2020
ITG Adopts the 2015 ALTA® 
Closing Protection Letter – Single Transaction
On December 3, 2019, the Iowa Title Guaranty Board unanimously voted to approve the 2015 ALTA® Closing Protection Letter–Single Transaction (“CPL”), as Revised 12-01-18, with Technical Correction 08-01-2019.

The 2015 ALTA® CPL, as amended by the 2018 revision and 2019 technical correction, incorporates various substantive changes from the 2014 form, including but not limited to:

  • Addition of the following provisions:
  • “Requirements” heading for the introductory section; 
  • The requirement to cooperate with Iowa Title Guaranty for claims made under the CPL; 
  • Language providing that the closer may not modify the CPL; and
  • Exclusion terms which specifically note that excluded matters include fraud/theft, including electronic fraud, if said fraud/theft is perpetrated by anyone other than the closer.  

  • Clarification as to the following provisions: 
  • An assignee may be a guaranteed provided that the assignment was for value and the assignee was without knowledge of a claim at the time of assignment; 
  • Coverage related to defects, liens, encumbrances or other matters in connection with the transaction is provided to the extent afforded in the certificate; 
  • The CPL does not cover failure of the closer to determine the validity, enforceability, or the effectiveness of a document required by the guaranteed lender's closing instructions; 
  • Exclusions for particular laws includes failure of closer to comply with closing instructions related to those laws; and
  • Iowa Title Guaranty is only liable under the CPL to the holder of the indebtedness at the time payment is made.
The new CPL form will become effective in CAP on January 8, 2020.
The Iowa Title Guaranty Board also approved the adoption of the following endorsement forms: 

  1. Single Tax Parcel and ID (ALTA Endorsement 18.3-06) (Residential and Commercial)
  2. Zoning – Completed Improvement – Non-Conforming Use (ALTA Endorsement 3.3-06) (Commercial)
  3. Zoning – No Zoning Classification (ALTA Endorsement 3.4-06) (Commercial)
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