February 4, 2020
ITG Participant Numbers Required on all
Title Opinions and Abstract Products

Iowa Title Guaranty audits have revealed an increasing number of attorney title opinions and abstracting products, including Forms 900 and 901, which do not reflect the participant’s assigned ITG Participant Number.

Please be advised that the ITG Participation Agreement requires participating attorneys and abstractors include the assigned ITG Participant Number on all products which will be used to obtain ITG coverage. The inclusion of the ITG Participant Number serves as the preparer’s acknowledgment that the product is prepared in accordance with all Iowa Title Guaranty rules, guidelines, and directives.

Field issuers may only issue a commitment or certificate after confirming that the title opinion(s) and abstracting product(s) contain the name, signature and ITG Participant Number of the preparer(s). If the title opinion and/or abstracting product fails to reflect the required ITG Participant Number, the field issuer must inform the examining attorney and/or abstractor that the product(s) will be used for ITG coverage. The participating attorney and/or abstractor must then confirm that the product complies with ITG requirements and add the required ITG Participant Number. 
  • Abstractors: Remember to include your ITG Participant Number on all abstracting products prepared for ITG coverage.
  • Attorneys: Remember to include your ITG Participant Number on all title opinions prepared for ITG coverage.
  • Field Issuers: Confirm that the title opinion and abstract products include the required ITG Participant Numbers before issuing any ITG product.
We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Should you have any questions, please contact the ITG Help Desk, 515.452.0484.