ITG Releases New Program Overview Manual
In recent years, ITG has undertaken an initiative to improve training and educational materials available to its participants. A common request is educational material for new participants and staff providing an overview of Iowa’s real estate system, the history of ITG, ITG’s products and services, and the obligations of each participant type.
In response, ITG has developed a Program Overview Manual that can be used not only as a training aid for new participants and support staff but also as a reference guide for all ITG participants, regardless of experience.

The Program Overview Manual covers the following topics: 

A. History of Title Insurance in Iowa
  • The Sale of Title Insurance Prohibited in Iowa
  • Out-of-State Title Insurance on Iowa Real Estate
  • Title Insurance Charges Prohibited on Owner-Occupied 1-2 Family Dwellings
B. The Secondary Market and Creation of ITG
C. ITG is Self-Sustaining
D. ITG’s Mission
  • Part 1: Offer Guaranties as an Adjunct to the Abstract-Attorney’s Title Opinion System
  • Part 2: Low-Cost Mechanism Facilitating Lenders’ Participation in the Secondary Market
  • Part 3: Add to the Integrity of Iowa’s Land-Title Transfer System
  • Part 4: Supporting Iowa Homebuyers with Down Payment Assistance
E. Community Impact
F. ITG Director
G. ITG Board
H. ITG Property Types
  • Residential Property
  • Mixed-Use Property
  • Commercial Property
I. ITG Transaction Types
  • Purchase
  • Refinance
J. ITG Coverage Products
  • Commitments
  • Closing Protection Letters (CPL)
  • Endorsements
  • Certificates
K. ITG Pricing
L. The Coverage Issuance Process
M. ITG Services
N. Abstracting Service
  • Preliminary Abstract Products
  • Final Abstract Products
  • Miscellaneous Abstract Products
O. Title Opinion Service
  • Preliminary Title Opinion (PTO)
  • Final Title Opinion (FTO)
P. Field Issuing Service
  • General Obligations of the Field Issuer
  • Forms
  • Inclusion of ITG Participant Numbers
  • Field Issuance Limitations
  • Commitment Issuance Obligations
  • Certificate Issuance Obligations
Q. Closing Protection Letter Service
R. ITG Participant Types
  • Abstractors
  • Attorneys
  • Closers
S. Participation Application
T. Terms of Participation
U. Service Revocation, Termination and Alteration
V. ITG Commercial Services
  • Closing and Settlement Services
  • Construction Draws and Disbursements

Please find a copy of the Program Overview Manual in the “Residential Policies and Manuals” section of the ITG Resources page.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITG Help Desk.