Message from ITGA Executive Director Beth Bagwell

ITGA Colleagues; 

From Sunday's New York Times:
"When Cornell University administrators emailed students last week, sobs were heard in libraries and labs. After spring break, the email said, they should not come back. The school would start to close dorms after March 28, and students were to go home."
"Separating people is, of course, precisely what such drastic measures are intended to do. But at ground level, they bring confusion and pain."

As is the case with ITGA, every campus, community, business, non-profit, and millions of families and individuals are dealing with confusion and pain. As of this writing, here's what ITGA is monitoring and what we need your help with:

  • The Census will affect funding streams in every U.S. college town for the next ten years. See latest update. We'll send along updates, including from campuses and communities about any concerns, given current events, and welcome your questions and details on your outreach efforts with the Census Bureau and federal representatives. Send to

  • In the coming days, ITGA will be launching a series of conference calls on topics that are of interest to our members, ranging from the economic impacts of COVID-19 to emergency management and community resilience. "ITGA Connects" is looking for common topics, and expertise, beyond board and members on same. Send your idea to The first "ITGA Connects" calls start Wednesday and are full at this writing. Look for more information through our ListServe and newsletter next week to connect.

  • As previously noted, the University of Colorado Boulder has temporarily suspended multi-day university sponsored gatherings. In response, ITGA is temporarily suspending conference registration. Please visit our website ( often for updates.

  • Finally friends, thanks for staying connected with ITGA in these challenging times. We are here to assist and connect with members' needs, and would appreciate volunteers on any front to pitch in (i.e. strength in numbers) so please let me know how we (and you) may assist. We realize your campuses and communities are counting on you and trust you'll stay safe and stay healthy for your families, friends and countless people who need leadership and collegiality, now more than ever.

Thank you so much on behalf of the ITGA.
Beth Bagwell, MPA
ITGA Executive Director
International Town & Gown Association