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Town & Gown Association™ Newsletter October 17, 2019
Task-Force Improves Town-Gown Relations
The relationship between a city and college within its borders is a complex one. The many benefits include a student populous that provides revenue for city businesses to cultural amenities and educated faculty. Downsides include excessive noise from parties to disturbances of city neighborhoods during late-night and early morning gallivanting. The College Area Livability Task Force was designed to improve this fragile town-gown relationship in Geneva. It is led by diverse membership ranging from City Council members to students from Hobart and William Smith Colleges. City manager Sage Gerling cites ITGA resources in developing best practices on shared town-gown interests.
Trends in College/University Consolidation
The last few years have been tumultuous ones for colleges and universities in the U.S. Increased regulation and reduced enrollment continue to be among several factors contributing to the closure or consolidation of thousands of colleges and campuses around the country. A 2016 report from Ernst & Young affiliate found 800 colleges vulnerable to "critical strategic challenges" due to their small size. The report lists several risk factors, including enrolling fewer than 1,000 students; absence of online programs; tuition increases greater than 8% and discounts higher than 35%; and depending on tuition for more than 85% of revenue. To see the report, click here. Education Dive
ITGA: Meet an Intern
Oliver Eccleston, second-year student, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
"As an intern for Cornell's Office of Community Relations - with ITGA in my portfolio - I'm learning about the benefits of having a strong campus-community relationship, along with the hard work that comes with maintaining those connections. Meeting some of the various parties engaged in town-gown work at Cornell and in Ithaca has been educational. Working with ITGA over the past few weeks, I've managed to go over membership rolls, and am astounded by the amount and variety of communities and colleges/universities involved." The ITGA Outreach intern program is designed to help ITGA staff with internal needs and research. Interns are currently compiling a "best practice" list of off-campus student entrepreneurial activities. If you have inputs on this topic, contact
ITGA: Early Professionals Group
The goal of this newly formed start-up is to provide a fresh perspective on town-gown issues and initiatives, while being a resource for those navigating the early stages of their career. Possible initiatives include developing an online network or blog to create living content that highlight new solutions and programs, and matching early professionals with mentors from another field, i.e. connecting government and higher ed employees. Finally the group will provide an outlet for early-career professionals to share short, humorous stories like "fabulous flops" or "what I wish I knew." For more information, contact Douglas Shontz at
ITGA Student Engagement
Fifth in a series of representative collaborations
Cal State Fullerton/Fullerton California: "Cal State Fullerton's first permanent food pantry" Learn more. University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa Alabama: Mikayla Wyatt grows activist community at UA." Learn more. Student volunteerism and engagement provide countless benefits to college towns. Would you like student engagement for your community or campus highlighted in this space? E-mail
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