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The official newsletter of the International
Town & Gown Association™ September 19, 2019
ITGA 2020 Census Webinar
Sept. 25, 2:30-4:00pm (EDT)
As colleges and communities across the United States gear up to tackle the 2020 Census, the ITGA is offering a free webinar Sept. 25: M aking the 2020 Census Count.  Whether you've had experience with the Census or are new to the process, this webinar will provide a foundation to build your local action plan. Our team will present important Census Bureau information, and provide examples from three college towns, including why the Census data is vital, strategies for a complete count, and outreach for hard-to-reach populations. To register, click  here .  For immediate questions, write .   The recording will be uploaded to the website if you are unable to attend.
ITGA Census and Capital Sense
College Park and the University of Maryland
For many ITGA communities and campuses, the 2020 Census has become a major focus for a number of reasons, including straightforward finances. More than 675B in federal dollars are distributed to state and local governments each year, based on census counts. There also are lessons from the past, including in college towns like College Park, Md ., that missed out on significant funding in 2010. UMD, (an ITGA co-member with College Park) was part of the city census territory with the lowest total response rate at 49 percent, 6.8 points lower than the national rate. Because of this poor showing, a robust Complete Count Committee is developing new outreach strategies. Join the 2020 Census webinar and learn strategies for a complete and accurate count. To register, click here .
ITGA Texas Symposium
San Marcos, TX: Oct 30, 9:00-3:00pm
The first-ever town-gown Texas symposium is set for Oct. 30. Sign-up now for this inaugural gathering of government and higher-education leadership from Texas college towns, sponsored by the City of San Marcos and Texas State University, 9am-3pm, Oct 30. Registration is $25 and includes a catered lunch. This important symposium will bring together policy makers and boots-on-the-ground personnel to discuss common town-gown issues, and create new contacts and networks. This event will be a good fit for on-and-off campus leaders including law enforcement, planners, code enforcement/compliance, student affairs, neighborhood groups, and others. To register, click  here .
ITGA Student Engagement
Second in a series of representative collaborations
Student volunteerism and engagement provide countless benefits for ITGA college towns. New Orleans/Tulane : "Students volunteer across New Orleans for Outreach 2019." Morehead State University/Morehead KY : "Students combine work with service." Ithaca NY/Cornell University : "A foray for students into exploring downtown." Would you like student engagement to be highlighted in this space? E-mail .
ITGA Regional Conference 101
Ohio Town-Gown Summit
At this year's annual ITGA City & University Relations Conference, hosted by State College/Penn State, colleagues asked what it takes to develop a solid regional ITGA conference. In link below, inputs on the Ohio Town & Gown Summit, including answers to basic questions like, "What does success look like?" Second in a series .
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ITGA's New Job Board
In response to member requests, new job postings from ITGA communities and campuses are now available at  Each post will be up for a month, or until the job is filled. ITGA members should forward openings to .