Message from ITGA Leadership
January 12, 2021
ITGA Condemns Assault on Democracy at U.S. Capital
The International Town & Gown Association (ITGA), a collaborative body of community-minded individuals and organizations, strongly condemns the unlawful and violent attacks on the U.S Capitol on January 6. Although peaceful protest is a hallmark of our republic, the breach by rioters endangered many lives and was an assault on our democracy.
ITGA’s membership is disturbed and deeply saddened by the un-American behavior and biased rhetoric that paved this path of destruction. We take heart, however, in the later work of Congress to certify the election of a new president and vice president, modeling the behavior required for us to write a more inclusive, open-minded and less partisan chapter in our nation’s history.
In denouncing violence and in decrying the use of provocative racist symbols within and around the hallowed halls of the people’s house, we seek to call our elected officials back to their best selves. We aim to silence the false rhetoric, the name-calling, the angry, barbed words that have been passing for verifiable truth.
To promote peace, to begin healing, we must stride from this dark day toward a brighter tomorrow — and use dialogue and difficult, respectful conversations to bring people closer together, in solidarity. This is the work of ITGA each day. These are the practices that make our campuses and communities stronger. Let us continue to be the example our country needs to see.