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October 19, 2017
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Universities are Helping to Shape City Development
The city building movement that is happening across Canada and around the developed world takes a proactive approach. In January, the city council in Kingston, Ontario, voted in favour of an agreement that would see Queen's University and the city work together to support innovation, economic development and the retention of more young people in the community. The City of Montreal signed a five-year agreement with 10 universities and colleges that have a presence in the city to recognize the role that they play in its economic and social development. Then there are countless small projects running across the country. University Affairs
Colleges Using Sober Dorms to Combat Alcohol, Drug Addiction
As many as 30 percent of college students are battling substance-use disorders, says Lisa Laitman, director of the Alcohol & Other Drug Assistance Program at Rutgers University. "That's a lot of students that need help," she says. To meet this need, schools are developing "collegiate recovery programs" that help students stay sober and remain in college. Programs typically include mental health and substance abuse counseling, addiction support group meetings, peer-to-peer support, and a wide variety of substance-free programs and social activities that help students bond and sustain their sobriety. Chicago Tribune
Call for Proposals Open until February 1, 2018
The Ohio State University and City of Columbus are excited to host The 2018 ITGA City & University Relations Conference, May 29-June 1. The comprehensive theme and tracks allow for a broad range of discussions to promote efforts supporting economic development, engagement and the safety and well-being of stakeholders. To learn more about the tracks or submit a proposal, click here.
Governor Declares Emergency Tied to White Nationalist's Planned Speech at U. of Florida
Gov. Rick Scott of Florida has declared a state of emergency in connection with a planned appearance this week at the University of Florida by the white nationalist Richard B. Spencer, reports The Tampa Bay Times. The purpose of the order, Mr. Scott said, was to make it easier to plan for and work with other law-enforcement agencies. Mr Spencer is scheduled to speak at the institution on Thursday. "Although UF leadership has denounced Spencer's white-supremacist rhetoric," the release says, "the university, as a state entity, must allow the free expression of all viewpoints." The Chronicle of Higher Education
University of Bristol Secures Funding to Grow Small Businesses
The University of Bristol is one of five universities in the south of England to receive a share of $5 million from the government for a project to tackle the challenge of scaling-up small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to innovate and grow. Through the award-winning SETsquared partnership, comprised of the Universities of Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey, the project will facilitate new research collaborations with highly productive and fast-growing SMEs. The Bristol SETsquared Centre, home to around 85 innovative ventures, provides guidance on business growth and strong links to university expertise. University of Bristol
U of T, City of Toronto sign MOU to Support Present and Future Collaboration
University of Toronto faculty and students are helping the City of Toronto to reach its greenhouse gas reduction goals, develop policies to ensure that everyone in the city has access to affordable, healthy food, and promote the city as one of the world's leading cultural centers. These projects are just a few of the ways U or T's urban experts are helping to make Toronto safer, more inclusive and globally recognized. On Monday, U of T and the City of Toronto made it clear that partnerships between the two institutions are vital to the success of the city and to the impact of academic research by signing a MOU. University of Toronto
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The 2018 ITGA City & University Relations Conference hosted by the City of Columbus and The Ohio State University, in May 29-June 1. Conference registration opens Thursday, November 2.

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