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September 20, 2018
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UM, Harvard to Partner on Detroit Poverty Study, Opioid Crisis
The University of Michigan and Harvard University are partnering on two initiatives focused on improving economic mobility in Detroit and tackling the nation's opioid drug addiction crisis through the creation of a "think-and-practice tank." Harvard's Equality of Opportunity Project and UM's Poverty Solutions initiative will team on a research project examining poverty in Detroit that UM started last year. The universities also will convene two major policy summits in Southeast Michigan and Massachusetts on the opioid crisis for physicians, public health experts and criminal justice and public policy experts to use for the foundation of a broader research project or public policy responses to the epidemic, UM President Mark Schlissel said. Crain's Detroit Business
Stony Brook University Invites Neighbors to Campus for CommUniversity Day
Stony Brook University is Long Island's largest four-year college, but some of its neighbors have never been on the campus. University officials are hoping to change that by hosting a free community fair on Saturday designed to showcase the school and let non-students know they are welcome to visit. Relations between the university and the community have frayed in recent years over complaints about off-campus housing. Bruce Sander, leader of Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners said the open house was a welcome attempt to improve community relations. Joan Dickinson, director of community relations, said the university "always tries to be a good neighbor. We've done a lot of work on the off-campus housing situation and I think we're in a much better place now." Newsday
Ithaca Named Best College Town in America by Livability
Ithaca has been named number one on the "2018 10 Best College Towns in America" list by Livability. While there are many great qualities to living in Ithaca, it's the small-town vibe and great music scene that really put Ithaca at the top of the list. Livability said it graded cities based on the ratio of the city's median salary to its median one-bedroom rent, the percentage of the population between 20-29 years old, the number of jobs in the education sector per 1,000 jobs in the city, and the ratio of the median salary in the city compared to the nation for education jobs. Rounding out the list of ten are Charlottesville, VA; Gainesville, FL; Durham, NC; Champaign, IL; College Station, TX; Corvallis, OR; Lawrence, KS; Provo, UT; and Ames, IA.
More US Colleges Turning to Restorative Justice in Addressing Sexual Assault
A small but growing number of post-secondary institutions are turning to restorative justice as a model for addressing cases of sexual assault. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that "in a restorative-justice approach, the victim and the offender, and in some cases other people affected by the misconduct, participate in active and often brutally honest discussions about how someone was harmed and what it would take to heal." The offender must take responsibility for an assault as a precondition of this approach. Skeptics worry that the process lets offenders off too easily, and that victims who pursue this process will feel pressured not to pursue a formal investigation. Chronicle of Higher Education
The Best College Towns to Invest in Real Estate
With a steady supply of new, prospective tenants and relatively affordable housing options, investing in real estate in college cities and towns is an attractive option. But some college towns make for much savvier investments than others., a real estate listing website, looked at nearly 150 college towns and cities across the U.S. using its own listing data to determine just what kind of return on investment landlords can expect. study found 10 college towns with yields higher than 10 percent of purchase price. The college town offering the highest yield is Champaign, Illinois, home to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, with a 14.02 percent yield. CNBC
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