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August 9, 2018
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'Cross Town' Art Exhibit Brings Amherst and UMass Together
Relations between the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the town have been a fraught affair at times, with issues such as student behavior, traffic and the cost of housing creating conflict. Various efforts have been employed, some successful and others less so, to find common ground and improve communication. Now planners are trying a new one: art. "XTCA: Cross Town Contemporary Art," an exhibit of outdoor sculpture and installations stretching from the UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center to Kendrick Park in downtown Amherst, is being hailed by organizers as a "bridge" between town and university, a physical connection and an emotional one. Daily Hampshire Gazette
Corvallis Buys Into Fareless Transit
Corvallis stopped collecting fares on buses in 2011, joining a small number of U.S. cities that don't charge riders to board. The city saw a sizable increase in passengers after the program took effect, and other cities have looked to Corvallis as one example of how fareless transit can work. Most transit agencies rely on fares and tax dollars to fund public transit. Corvallis, however, replaced its 75-cent fare with a monthly fee on utility bills. The experiment showed immediate results. In the first year of fareless transit, ridership jumped by 38 percent. A local environmental group led the push for the change in an effort to curb pollution from cars. OregonLive
College Park City-University Partnership
On Thursday, June 28, 2018, leadership from the College Park City-University Partnership, City of College Park, University of Maryland, and State of Maryland, local businesses and residents came together to unveil new artistic lighting on Baltimore Avenue's Paint Branch Bridge. The bridge is in the heart of the bustling mid-town College Park at the intersection of the UMD Hotel and Conference Center. The wide palette of colors lifts the location as a memorable and inviting place for pedestrians and bicyclists. These LED lights provide a wash of color to the bridge, enlivening and invigorating this area between campus and community. College Park Partnership
Top 100 College Football Towns in America: #17 Pasadena, California
To celebrate 100 days until the start of the college football season, HERO Sports is counting down the Top 100 FBS College Football Towns in America. Each day, through Aug. 24, a new city will be revealed. Westwood Pasadena is home to California Institute of Technology, a school that once employed some guy named Albert Einstein, so its kind of a big deal. So technically there is a college and football in Pasadena, making it a college football town. With the beautiful San Gabriel mountains directly north, a quick day trip can transport you to incredible waterfalls and hiking trails typically reserved for remote forests, not somewhere minutes from an urban hub. Pasadena has done a fantastic job of being close enough to LA to still be considered a part of the metropolis, but still creating enough separation that it is its own unique experience. HeroSports
Hunger and Homelessness Issues Among College Students
The Assembly Speaker's Office of Research and Floor Analysis released a report Monday about hunger and homelessness issues among UC, CSU and CCC college students. The report recommends colleges block out orientation and academic counseling time to connect students with programs like CalFresh, which provides food assistance for low-income people. The report also urges schools to provide short-term emergency housing options for homeless students, either through campus housing or by partnering with off-site hotels and motels. The Sacramento Bee
BGSU, City Look Back at Collaborations
The marriage between a university and a city is a unique partnership that offers opportunity for growth and is mutually beneficial for both parties. Like a real marriage, it takes a lot of work and cooperation to make it a successful collaboration. Representatives from several colleges and universities and their respective towns from around the state met at Ohio's 3rd Town & Gown Summit, hosted by Bowling Green State University July 18-20. BGSU President Rodney Rogers and Bowling Green Mayor Richard Edwards talked about how the city and the University partnered in 2012 and how they process has continued to strengthen the community for our students, faculty, staff, retirees, residents and alumni over the years.
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