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August 22, 2019
Welcome to Dateline, a weekly newsletter highlighting college town news from around the world.
ITGA Dateline Rebrand
Thanks to dozens of suggestions from members near and far about a new name for Dateline. Bottom line: We're an incredibly creative bunch. The new name and its creator will be announced in this space Sept. 6. Questions and ideas about ITGA outreach in general? Please e-mail
ITGA Regional Conferences 101
At this year's annual ITGA City & University Relations Conference, hosted by State College/Penn State, colleagues asked with it takes to develop a solid regional ITGA conference. Inputs from Cornell University on its popular "drive-in" conference. Campus-community relations are as diverse as the thousands of college towns, from urban to rural, that dot the American landscape. Increasingly, the importance of steady work and investments in human and traditional capital are essential in these areas, while models and economies flow in any number of U.S. industries. There is no one-size fits-all model or template here, and opinions in any college town, on any issue, run the gamut from finger pointing to high-fives. In short, we realized we needed to tell our story better. First in a series.
ITGA UK: How Woke is Your City?
When you are choosing a place to live, what are your top criteria? Good schools for the kids, a safe neighborhood, or maybe plenty of green spaces could be high up the list. But while these practical considerations will always inform our choice of places to live, for any of us, how progressive a city or town is on sociopolitical issues is also becoming increasingly important. Or, in today's terms, how 'woke' is it? And now, a study has set out to measure the wokeness of major UK cities, ranking them according to five parameters: search trends, the gender pay gap, recycling rates, voter turnout, vegan and vegetarian food availability, ultra-low emission vehicles, and council diversity. RealHomes
ITGA Stony Brook: Girls and STEM
The Woman in Science and Engineering (WISE) Honors Program teamed up with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and iCREATE-Division of Information Technology to hold the Summer WISE program, which brought Long Island middle school girls to Stony Brook University to find their inner engineer and take part in a STEM program they will remember for years to come. This outreach initiative focused on providing the young women with exciting application-based and hands-on engineering experiences to help grow their confidence and engineering skill sets. Stony Brook University
Behind Another Nuisance Party Bylaw
Landlords are unlikely to feel the financial pain of a new "nuisance party" bylaw endorsed by a council committee on Tuesday, but city politicians believe it will help calm the chaos on Broughdale Avenue each fall. The bylaw is a bid to rein in out-of-control partying for the "fake homecoming" celebrated by Western University Students, a weekend bash that last year left behind a bill of more than $200,000 for the emergency response. Mayor Ed Holder, who described the co-called FoCo as a "black mark" on London, called the bylaw an appropriate and thoughtful response. The London Free Press
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