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September 27, 2018
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Town vs Gown: Is the Student Boom Wrecking Communities?
For some, they represent the very best of British, hubs of learning and commerce attracting the brightest and the best from around the world who bring huge wealth to spend. They can even breathe hope into rundown towns and cities, with the promise of jobs and cash to rejuvenate areas deserted by traditional industries. But for others, Britain's burgeoning universities are anything but a blessing, as the thousands of students they attract transform the neighbourhoods they move into, raising property prices, disrupting locals' lives with their exuberant lifestyles, transforming areas that rush to cater for the tastes of their new young clientele. The process has even spawned its own term "studentification," invented by Professor Darren Smith, an associate dean at Loughborough University. The Guardian
Villanova Students Treated to Barbecue, Urged to Mind Their Manners
Hoping to foster better town and gown relationships, Radnor Township, Radnor Township police, Villanova University and Home Properties of Bryn Mawr sponsored a barbecue at Home Properties. The idea was to remind students living off campus to be good neighbors, said police Superintendent Chris Flanagan. Students were able to partake in hot dogs, hamburgers and soft drinks while listening to a message about walking home quietly from area taverns late at night and not littering. There were also raffles and prizes, along with cookies, ice cream and doughnuts and a flashing message board that offered words: 'Be mindful," "Be courteous," "Be polite," and "Quite hours 9 p.m. to 7 a.m." Main Line
A Seat at the Table
Student leaders who meet with college and university administrators regularly and have a voice on governing boards feel much more effective, according to new research measuring students' perceived influence on campus. The report, released Thursday, comes from the National Campus Leadership Council, a group advocating for more student authority in higher education. Alongside the new study, the nonprofit created the Student Voice Index, which scores institutions on how well they hear student opinions and include them in decision making. The report, and further research, is funded by a $350,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Inside Higher Ed
UI Pushing Tax-Incentive Program to Attract Businesses to College Towns
A tax-incentive program to attract more businesses to campus communities in Illinois, and spur jobs for students, is being pushed by the University of Illinois. The "Grow Illinois" bill, as it's called for now, will be part of the legislative package from the University of Illinois this fall for consideration next spring, officials said Wednesday. The draft bill would provide "significant" tax advantages for companies that come to the state and are associated with a public university, UI President Tim Killeen said during an interview. The idea is to give students access to internships and jobs and potentially keep them in-state and give companies access to university talent, he said. The News-Gazette
GC Students Launch Campus Kitchen to Bridge Hunger Gap
Not knowing when your next meal is coming or not having access to three balanced meals a day is the definition of food insecurity. According to mapthemealgap, in Baldwin County, about 23 percent of residents are affected by food insecurity. That's more than 10,000 people in the county. For Georgia College students Cameron Skinner and Julia Steele, that is too high. The two collaborated to come up with a plan for bringing the national organization, The Campus Kitchen Project, to Milledgeville and Baldwin County. The Campus Kitchen Project is a national initiative that was founded in 2001 and originated from the nonprofit DC Central Kitchen. The project gears itself toward university and high school campuses across the country. Union-Recorder
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