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January 4, 2018
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Cuomo Wants Food Pantries at All Public Colleges
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo plans to introduce legislation that would require all campuses in the State University and City University of New York systems to create their own food pantries or ensure another "stigma-free" way to give hungry students access to food, his office announced Dec. 28. In a statement, SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson said, "We applaud Governor Cuomo for his proposal to ensure that no SUNY student goes hungry. Currently, 70 percent of SUNY campuses have food pantries on site or through community partnerships such as community gardens, emergency food vouchers, dining center meal donations and other programs." Inside Higher Ed
How Will Legalizing Marijuana Impact Police Work?
Proponents say legalizing marijuana will increase tax revenue and decrease crime. For local police departments across the nation, the change would usher in a new way of policing and some complications, at least in the short term, said law enforcement officials. "It will change the way we do our job," said James Batelli, police chief in the college town of Mahwah, N.J. Some law enforcement concerns focus on unreliable tests for impaired drivers, regulating usage, the affects on bordering states that continue to list marijuana as an illegal substance as well as a continuing black market for those who wish to avoid paying taxes. USA Today
Invitation to Submit a Proposal
You are invited to submit a proposal to present at the ITGA City & University Relations Conference in Columbus, Ohio, May 29-June 1. To learn more about the tracks and submission details, click here. Proposals must be submitted by February 1. To see what your colleagues are saying about the benefits of attending the conference, click here. To register, click here.
This Survey Found That a Surprising Number of People Don't Lock Their Doors
In a fascinating new survey conducted by Safehome, a company dedicated to reviewing security systems, 1,000 Americans across the country opened up abut how often they really lock their front door. According to the results, some areas of the country are more likely to play it safe than others. While 81% of respondents in the Southeast said they lock their doors, only 54% in the Northwest reported doing so. In addition to looking at the results by region, the survey also analyzed them by type of housing, how well people know their neighbors, which other safety features people used and how many children people have. Real Simple
Manchester Partnership Helps Students Leave 1.3 Million Parting Gift
Students have raised as much as 1.3 million in donations of unwanted items to the British Heart Foundation in the last six years through the Manchester Partnership. When students leave Manchester for the summer, the Partnership works together to create one single campaign named 'Give It Don't Bin It.' This aims to encourage students to donate unwanted items and unopened food items for charity. The Partnership Group consists of The University of Manchester, Manchester City Council, Manchester Student Homes and Manchester Metropolitan University. It represents the equivalent of almost 80,000 students. StaffNet
More Colleges Try Income-Share Agreements
In recent weeks two private institutions have joined the small but growing list of colleges that give students the option of using some of their postgraduate income to help pay for college. Late last month Lackawanna College, located in Scranton, Pa., announced the creation of its income-sharing agreement. Clarkson University, located in Potsdam, N.Y., this week issued a similar announcement. Under the two programs, students would pay a set amount of their wages after graduation for an agreed-upon number of years in exchange for having some of their tuition waived. The most high-profile player in higher education to try income sharing is Purdue University. Higher Ed
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