ITIL 4 walks into a bar
business strategy, a digital strategy and an IT strategy walk into the bar and… Oh, wait they can't because of COVID-19. Now what?
How do these separate and distinct strategies merge to help companies survive and grow in response to the pandemic? We have some thoughts on that. 😊
Please enjoy this complimentary post, What’s in Your Strategy? by Donna Knapp and Mark Blanke.
In this new way of working, we all have to strike a balance of time and effort. Where to spend our time, our money? What’s really going to help us excel in 2021 and beyond?

We might not be able to walk into a classroom together right now (much less a bar) but, ITSM Academy can bring together our subject matter experts with our savvy learners and serve up an extremely valuable education experience.

We have virtual classes that will deliver immediate value to you and your organization.

And that’s just a portion of the upcoming ITIL 4 classes currently scheduled in our public classrooms. Don’t forget, we also train in DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), Agile Service Management, Process Design, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Employee Experience (XLAs), etc.

If you are planning on training in 2021, please consider entrusting ITSM Academy to educate & inspire you.

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Not ready for training just yet? Please use us as your resource. Since 2007, we have hosted monthly “ripped from the classroom” webinars (see archive). And as always, join in the conversation with ITSM Professor and friends at

Let’s have some 2021 learning fun!
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