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Celebrating a Decade of the National Signals Training Consortium 

Ten years ago, a group of subject matter experts and principals from agencies and unions around the country gathered in Silver Spring, Maryland to kick off a project that some thought would never make it past lunch – the National Signals Training Consortium. 

On May 29, 2013, the Consortium was founded to address the upcoming workforce and skills shortage caused by retirements, public transportation systems expansions, and new technologies. To achieve this, the group has worked together to create a nationally recognized, standardized hands-on and classroom training program for signal maintainers, which is recognized by the industry and relevant unions. Ten years later, the group is stronger than ever.   

Key accomplishments include: 

  • Developing over 600 hours of instructional materials: 
  • 29 instruction-ready classroom-based courses 
  • 75+ mentor checklists to be used for refresher training 
  • Instructional videos  
  • Interactive, online troubleshooting scenarios 
  • Developing inventory of technologies at each location  
  • Sharing best practices around training techniques, mentoring practices, assessments, etc. 
  • Drafting and gaining approval by the Department of Labor for a signal maintainer apprenticeship framework 
  • Achieving college credit recommendation for the program from the National College Credit Recommendation Service 
  • Being recognized as a model training program by the Federal Railroad Administration 
  • Continuing to be the ONLY forum for signal maintainer frontline workers, trainers, and supervisors to collaborate and network 

For more information: 

The first meeting of the National Signals Training Consortium May 29 - 30, 2013 

Boston Latino Career Expo and “Destination: Opportunity” MBTA Employment Fair

Earlier this month, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) capped off its month-long recruitment outreach in the Boston community at the El Mundo Boston Latino Career Expo and “Destination: Opportunity” MBTA Employment Fair on May 4 and May 6, 2023, in Boston. ITLC/TWC’s Senior Communications Specialist David Stephen attended to provide ongoing technical assistance. With dozens of attendees at the fair on May 4, the Latino Career Expo sought to link high-quality Latino talent with employers throughout the Boston area from various careers. Later that week, on May 6, representatives from various MBTA departments were on site at the Revere Beach station, along with iHeartRadio as a sponsor, and a complimentary ice cream truck, to answer questions regarding career opportunities and paths for growth with the MBTA. “This was a very informative opportunity to learn about the job market in Boston, interact with the MBTA, and see its approach. We hope this will begin a strong relationship around recruitment and retention for its frontline workers,” said David. Transit agencies are encouraged to contact the Transit Workforce Center to share their recruitment strategies, engage in strategic discussions with TWC about recruitment efforts by emailing, and visit to access our #ConnectingMyCommunity recruitment toolkit.

Seasoned Trainers Benefit from Train-the-Trainer Courses 

In April 2023, ITLC instructors conducted two “Train-the-Trainer” (TtT) Level 1 sessions at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in Philadelphia. TtT Level 1 covers a range of topics, including understanding the adult learner, effective instruction, and lesson planning. During the week-long session, participants had the opportunity to practice teaching through hands-on lessons and classroom-based instruction, allowing them to improve their facilitation skills. Trainees provided positive feedback in course evaluations and demonstrated a significant gain in knowledge, based on pre/post-test scores. One participant commented that the “class helped me to blow out the cobwebs and remind me of important basics,” while another observed that the class “gave my teacher brain the tune-up it needed after sitting under a tarp in the garage for six years.”  

To learn more about Train-the-Trainer, email

Train-the-Trainer Courses  

Train-the-Trainer Level 1: Teaching Techniques 

A week-long, highly engaging course that takes subject matter experts and gives them the skills to effectively convey their vast content knowledge to others in a classroom setting. Topics include adult learning theory, teaching techniques, and presentation skills. Participants will spend most of the week applying what they’re learning through rounds of practice teaching in classroom, lab, and field settings. They’ll also give and receive feedback from their peers – one of the most important skills for a trainer. For more information click here

Train-the-Trainer Level 2: Creating Courseware That Works 

A week-long, interactive course that builds on Level 1 by giving experienced trainers the skills to define, design, and develop an effective and engaging training course and accompanying courseware and assessments, incorporating established adult learning principles. Participants will apply this new knowledge by developing materials for a course, which will ultimately be taught at their location. For more information click here

Federal News

U.S. Department of Labor Announces $1.5m Funding Availability to Support Policy Development to Expand Employment of Disabled Youth 

U.S. Department of Labor - May 17, 2023 

Biden - Harris Administration, USDOT Make Funds Available Through New Program to Help States Advance Intercity Passenger Rail Development 

Federal Railroad Administration – May 8, 2023 


Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs: Addition of Oral Fluid Specimen Testing for Drugs 

U.S. Department of Transportation – May 2, 2023 

Public Transit

Can America Go Car - Free? Gen Z Hopes So. 

The Nation – May 17, 2023 

Transit Partners

Now Open, Metro Celebrates First Day of Service at Potomac Yard - VT Station 

WMATA – May 19, 2023 

Two Brothers Reach 30-Year Accident - Free Milestone Driving for Link Transit 

Mass Transit – May 18, 2023 

MA: MBTA Bus, Subway Operators Want More Penalties for Assaults on Transit Workers 

Mass Transit – May 17, 2023 

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