Dear Friends,
I hope this finds you healthy and nourished as we move forward in these bewildering times. Our ITP members have reported the value of practice in helping them adapt to recent dramatic changes.  How has your practice supported you?
Here in Northern California, amid the turmoil and suffering, Spring has sprung in full glory, reminding us to stay connected to the natural world, be hopeful and continue to draw sustenance from our practice.
George Leonard's LET exercise, Taking the Hit as a Gift, has even deeper meaning today. In this issue, members share their experiences and newfound learning during Covid-19. There are gifts galore revealed in passages and videos below!
As we all learn from one another, do share your stories and insights with us. And please join us to deepen your practice at one of our online programs and weekly Kata sessions. 
We are grateful you are on the journey with us. Stay balanced, vital, healthy, joyful - and, as always, alert!
With love and blessings,
Pam Kramer 
ITPI President 
Navigating Covid-19
Wisdom and Practices for Staying on your Path
In ITP,  we draw power from the wisdom of group. Below find member passages and videos about their experiences in uncharted territory. Each reflected on these questions:
1. What are you learning about yourself at this time?
2. What practices are supporting you?
3. What insights and tools do you have to share with the ITP community?
Click on the  name below to READ each passage:

Click on each image below to VIEW member interviews hosted by Pam Kramer, ITPI president:

Tom Lewis, Mastery & Integral Leadership member

 Marcia Beauchamp, Integral Leadership member

 Armando Cardenas, Journey of Practice member

 Rachael Feigenbaum, ITP San Francisco co-leader

 Max Gaenslen, ITP Mastery teacher

"Even from misfortune, great power can flow into you."

- George Leonard
ITP Funnies
by Rich Sigberman, Artist
 ITP San Rafael and Integral Leadership member

 Flower Flash in NYC
Sharing the work of Lewis Miller,  Floral Designer
Is it too soon to look for the silver linings (consoling or hopeful prospects) of the Corona Virus pandemic? We seek  to cope with life's challenges, to learn communication tools, and to discover deeper purpose and   connection. This unforeseen and currently uncontrollable pandemic is an opportunity to shine a   spotlight on our collective  resilience . Together l et's search for the opportunity, the silver lining, and open   ourselves up to the potential for global   post-traumatic growth .

We noticed a relatively small, yet profoundly beautiful thing happening in New York City called Flower Flash. A floral designer named Lewis Miller is creating floral designs and leaving them in surprise locations around Manhattan in honor of medical staff and other first responders and to bring joy to others. Click here to view a PDF of some of the images.

Please share your observations and experiences during this time and, with your permission, we will consider sharing with the broader community in a future newsletter or on Facebook. Send your items to Robert.

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ITP Funnies
Flower Flash in NYC


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"We can conceive of a future without high-rises. But a humanity without music and love is not just inconceivable; it is impossible."

- George Leonard

Happy Springtime!