Summer 2022

Message from the ITRA President

Dear Members,

I want to thank you all first for your dedication to ITRA and to your profession of saving lives! The people you train are making a difference, and you are enabling them to do this! Even if you yourself are not part of a responding rescue team, by training and assessing those who are, you are making it possible for others to live who otherwise would not. You should be proud!

I know ITRA has had some challenges the past few years, and although there are still some formative and growing pains, the organization is taking shape and quickly becoming a world known name, with assessments occurring every month and courses being taught regularly.

Although we have discontinued accepting paper applications for new instructors, there are new instructors taking their level three courses and being assessed via the new learning objectives. This shows how dedicated these folks are. Especially now that all ITRA instructors can assess students on all the technical learning outcomes, it is critical that the title of ITRA instructor carry a strong name and expectation.

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Industry Articles

Confined Space Rescue

The confined space qualifications are designed primarily for emergency responders, whether that be fire and rescue or industrial emergency response teams. The latest syllabus represents a considerable amount of work, taking into account global practices and standards, and is the most up to date confined space rescue syllabus available.

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Urban Search & Rescue

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) can be defined as the systematic process of search and rescue operations in an urban setting and is normally conducted at structural collapse incidents. However, the equipment and techniques used also lend themselves for use at other incidents such as major transport or in support of firefighting operations for structural support and monitoring.

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Urban Search & Rescue Tech Tip: Stand-off search, keeping your team safe

Picture this – You arrive at the incident and on arrival find a collapsed structure that is sitting on top of a basement, and you can already see some partial collapses due to the damage and weight of the structure itself.

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ITRA Articles

Rope Rescue Working Group - An Update

The ITRA Rope Rescue Working Group has been meeting almost weekly to improve documentation and fill in the blanks. Because of the time that has passed since the original learning objectives were written, this has been a challenge to determine original intent and the best way to proceed towards an inclusive standard. 

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Swiftwater Resuce

ITRA offers training and assessment in a wide range of disciplines, including swiftwater rescue. Swiftwater rescue involves technical rescue operations in swiftwater or white water with

highly trained specialized personnel using water skills, boats, and ropes to create and operate safe rescue solutions.

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ITRA Training in Action: Tactical

Probably the most unique and globally ambitious discipline of ITRA is the tactical rescue discipline. It is also the least understood and most orphaned technical rope industry in the world. 

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Tactical Rope Discipline

Tactical Rope discipline is a stand alone three level discipline targeting law enforcement and military operators who utilize rope work in the course of specialized duties.

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Member Article

Petzl How to Videos

Petzl has created a series of “How To” videos that demonstrate how to use their technical rescue products, including the new REEVE and TWIN RELEASE.


The REEVE is a carriage pulley that combines two pulleys and a rigging plate, providing an integrated solution that simplifies setting up rescue systems on tensioned highlines. The TWIN RELEASE is a releasable progress capture pulley that is designed to set up 4:1 haul systems in confined space rescues.

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ITRA Board of Directors

Dario Arancibia

Rado Cerovski

Bishnu Gurung

Tom Hales

Kevin Lunnie

Randy MacLean

Craig Raskin

George Sakellariou

Eric Stroud

Thank You to Our Sponsors

ITRA has the backing of some of the most iconic brands in technical rescue.

Thanks to their generosity, we have been able to create an industry-owned global body for technical rescue. ITRA would like to acknowledge the following organizations for their support:

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ITRA is the International Technical Rescue Association. We are a global non-profit that provides global recognition of technical rescue practitioners and instructors, across a wide range of rescue disciplines including swiftwater, rope, boat, tactical, confined space, structural collapse (USAR), animal rescue, and emergency response driving.

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