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Issue #25 Spring 2020 - May
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UC San Diego Powwow, May 2018
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May Celebrations
Updates and Upcoming Events
Student Organizations
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What We've Been Up To
Campus News
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May Celebrations
We want to celebrate with you! Share your birthday, tell us about a special accomplishment, or recognize another Native Triton!
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Updates and Upcoming Events
Please, visit our calendar to find out about all our events.
Attention Native Tritons graduating this Spring (or next Fall)!!!
We are still planning a Native Grad Honoring Ceremony (new time/date/location yet to be determined) and want to celebrate with you! Please register on the link below.
Share your Language and Culture Table ideas HERE .
RSVP for the ITRC Writing Collective HERE .
Native American Student Organizations
Interested in Native American culture, issues and community? Come check out our student organizations...
Introducing a brand new Native American student organization at UC San Diego:
American Indian Science and Engineering Society
UC San Diego Chapter

For more information and to get involved contact:
American Indian Graduate Student Association

Questions? Contact

Like AIGSA at UCSD for all the latest updates!
Native American
Student Alliance

Questions? Contact

Like NASA at UCSD for all the latest updates!
 Association of Native American Medical Students
Questions? Contact

Like ANAMS at UCSD for all the latest updates!
Are you a Native American student majoring in Health/Science? Well the CA-NARCH program is for you!

Contact Geneva Lofton-Fitzsimmons for more information:

Geneva Lofton-Fitzsimmons
American Indian Coordinator
Ask a Native Triton...
We are introducing a new feature to our newsletter each month where we profile one of our amazing Native American students at UC San Diego. If you would like to nominate a Native American student at UC San Diego for us to feature you can email us at
The ITRC is proud to introduce you to...

Brenna Deasy
Navajo Nation
Hometown: Oceanside, CA
Major: Human Health Psychology, minor in General Biology with a plan to go into Physical Therapy
What's your favorite thing about San Diego?
My favorite thing about San Diego is probably the atmosphere, compared to other places San Diego has a really relaxed and calm atmosphere.

What do you miss about home?
I think the thing I miss most about home is my moms cooking.

What advice do you have for incoming students?
I think I would recommend to never be afraid to ask questions, no matter what its for! Most people are super helpful and would love to help out and in the best case scenario you can gain so much! (guidance, internships, lab/job positions, etc.)
What We've Been Up To...
UCSD Campus Partners Tribal Initiatives Meeting
In lieu of meeting together, the ITRC created an online forum for campus partners and programs to discuss each of their programs involving the Native community. If you would like more information about campus initiatives you can visit us at or email us
Virtual Triton Day: Campus Community Centers and ITRC Triton Talks
The ITRC participated in in two virtual Triton Day events that invited newly accepted students to learn more about the Native American community on campus and the resources the resources that would be available to them if they choose to attend UC San Diego in the upcoming fall quarter. Current Native American students participated in the ITRC Triton Talk to discuss their experiences as Native students at UC San Diego. You can find a recording of the talk HERE.
ITRC 2020 New Student Admits Calling Campaign
ITRC staff and Native American students participated in the UC San Diego first year admits calling campaign. The calling campaign is a chance to connect with new admits and answer any questions they might have before deciding if they will accept UCSD's offer of admission.

We are currently participating in the UC San Diego Transfer Student Calling Campaign. If you are a Native UC San Diego student, faculty, or staff and would like to help, please RSVP HERE.
Kumeyaay Garden Meeting
ITRC staff and students involved in the creation of the Kumeyaay Garden on campus met via zoom to discuss virtual programs for the garden at this time. These programs are in the beginning stages of planning but the student organizers want to focus on giving UC San Diego students a chance to learn more and connect with traditional Kumeyaay plant uses and southern Californian ecology.
Writing Collective
To better meet the needs of our students, we have updated the dates of our Spring Writing Retreat.

  • Dates: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • May 13 to June 12, 2020
  • TIME: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Location: Zoom

Each Wednesday we will discuss writing strategies and projects , as well as develop writing and time management skills.  Monday and Friday sessions will be devoted to working on writing projects.  All sessions will be held via Zoom.
American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Meeting
The AISES student organization has met for it's forth meeting. During the organization's most recent meeting, student had the opportunity to discuss the history of Native American land and artifact distribution in the United States with Dr. Robert Lee from the University of Cambridge. If you are interested in learning more about UCSD's AISES student organization you can visit their Facebook page or email them at
ITRC Virtual Programming
The ITRC has been working on and hosting a variety of virtual programs since social distancing guidelines have take effect. Each week activities students can do at home at their own time are posted on the center's social media as well as scheduled group meetings and activities.

During our monthly Family Night we gathered a group of students to play "Chips & Guac" on the Houseparty app. Last Wednesday one of UCSD's Native graduate students, Ray Huaute hosted a Native Jeopardy game for the Language and Culture series that focused on Native American film, literature, history, any popular culture.

We have also started our ITRC Watch Party series that started with the first two episodes of Netflix's "Basketball or Nothing" series. The series focuses on a high school basketball team on the Navajo Nation. Our watch party series will continue each Thursday at 6pm through May 21st. Click HERE if you would like to join our next party.

Each Friday the ITRC holds a discussion of a podcast, film, or reading for the "What We're Learning" series. Past topics included language revitalization and identity, an interview with Native American Poet Laureate Joy Harjo, and a discussion on Indians who inspire. Check out this week's topic, Universal VIP (short film), HERE.

You can find out more on all our virtual programs by visiting our website.
Campus News
Community News

Please check individual organizations' websites for information about cancellations or postponements.

Refer to the following link for cancelled or postponed events in the community:
EDI Programs & Campus Community Centers
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