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Resources for Support, Action, and Allyship
Resources for Support and Action
Below you will find places to donate to, petitions to sign, resources, anti-racist guides, and information on how to be a better ally. We hope this guide is informative and helpful as we all learn how to show up for others, especially the Black community. If you would like to add/share any other resource with us, please email . Please feel free to share this widely. This is a working document and as a community we will be continuing to add resources we come across.
Link to guide:
July Celebrations
We want to celebrate with you! Share your birthday, tell us about a special accomplishment, or recognize another Native Triton!
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Dr. Andrew Jolivette ( Opelousa, Choctaw, Atakapa-Ishak ), Professor, Dept. Chair, Ethnic Studies and NAIS (Native American and Indigenous Studies) Minor Director - UC San Diego
"Asked by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation to reflect on racism and public health, Andrew Jolivette of UCSD's Ethnic Studies department recalls the powerful words of a friend shortly after being diagnosed with AIDS: 'Your community is your medicine.' What Black, Indigenous and queer communities need today, Jolivette writes, are not allies or accomplices, but kinsfolk – brothers and sisters, family – that care always, not just 'when it’s the popular time to show support.'" 

You can read the article HERE .
Ask a Native Triton...
Each month, we like to profile one of our amazing Native American students at UC San Diego. If you would like to nominate a Native American student at UC San Diego for us to feature you can email us at
The ITRC is proud to introduce you to...

Sam Lucero
Taos Pueblo

 Department: Psychology
Major: Clinical Psychology
Minor: Cognitive Science
What's your favorite thing about San Diego?
My favorite thing about San Diego is the location. Basically everything you could want for outdoors activities is right there like the mountains for hiking and camping, and the beach and cliffs for some amazing ocean views. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the outdoor activities in the San Diego area.  

What do you miss about home?
The thing I miss most about home is being close to my family and friends. I love all of the people I’ve met down at UCSD but every now and then the homesickness comes in. Luckily, I don’t live too far from home so it’s a pretty easy drive up to see everyone.

What advice do you have for incoming students?
I have two pieces for advice for incoming students. The first I already mentioned which is taking advantage of the beautiful location! Second, get involved! I’ve some of my closest friends and wonderful mentors through getting involved with student organization and student life at UCSD.
Native American Student Organizations
Interested in Native American culture, issues and community? Come check out our student organizations...
Introducing a brand new Native American student organization at UC San Diego:
American Indian Science and Engineering Society
UC San Diego Chapter

For more information and to get involved contact:
American Indian Graduate Student Association

Questions? Contact

Like AIGSA at UCSD for all the latest updates!
Native American
Student Alliance

Questions? Contact

Like NASA at UCSD for all the latest updates!
 Association of Native American Medical Students
Questions? Contact

Like ANAMS at UCSD for all the latest updates!
Are you a Native American student majoring in Health/Science? Well the CA-NARCH program is for you!

Contact Geneva Lofton-Fitzsimmons for more information:

Geneva Lofton-Fitzsimmons
American Indian Coordinator
Updates and Upcoming Events
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Share your Language and Culture Table ideas HERE .
Campus News
Community News

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