ITRC Presents the Early Career Professionals Program!
New to the environmental workforce and looking for additional orientation, mentoring or networking? ITRC is excited to roll out its brand new Early Career Professionals Program to help streamline early professional growth!
As new professionals enter the environmental workforce and long-time employees retire, there is a knowledge gap between these fresh faces and their established counterparts. ITRC's Early Career Professionals (ECP) Program serves as a bridge between long-time ITRC Members and new environmental professionals, encouraging streamlined orientation to new roles and retention of staff among environmental agencies and organizations.

This program is completely free to join for all ITRC members, and meets monthly, with opportunities for streamlined onboarding, one-on-one mentoring and professional networking! Members of this new program will be able to conduct early review of ITRC documents as well as provide feedback on ITRC product development and team formation!

For more information or to register for this new program, click the link below!