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Complimentary Webinar June 21 @ 11am ET
Presenters: The AXELOS Team
 AXELOS, the ITIL Accreditor, has announced plans to update the world’s most widely-adopted framework for service management in 2018. This session will summarize the update, ITIL's continued relevance as a proven tested framework, what's happening this year and about its future evolution.   Register  
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ITSM is Evolving
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For all who have been involved in Service Management (and especially those dedicated to ITSM programs) the continued shift in focus to DevOps can be intimidating. Having now been immersed in the DevOps space for almost five years, we understand the challenges with "integrating" your ITSM and DevOps programs. We have some tools to help:

And for those of you who have an approach in place for DevOps and ITSM - consider the new VeriSM course. It focuses on #DigitalTransformation and the "Management Mesh" of multiple frameworks.

Going forward, we will see how VeriSM can act as the new framework for the digital era that brings together an approach to managing and harnessing all other methodologies and models from DevOps to AIOps, COBIT, BRM, SIAM, ITIL and more."
~ Chris Pope, VP of Strategy & Innovation,  ServiceNow
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