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Classes are filled with interesting dialogue, exercises and even laughter. We don't train solely to pass the exam; we focus on learner understanding & retention.
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Reimagining IT Change Management for DevOps & Cloud
Presenters: JT Giri, CEO & Co-founder, nClouds and Clive D’Souza, Global Head of Business Development - Service Catalog, Amazon Web Services
 Cloud computing is delivering faster idea-to-cash, a resilient, secure and elastic infrastructure, and immediate access to innovative DevOps services. But increased user access and pace that come with cloud are driving a volume and velocity of IT service requests that can overwhelm existing ITSM processes.
Teams are challenged to adapt current change management processes to cloud environments and still meet SLAs. And teams forging ahead with no change management process expose the business to risk in areas of agility, cost, security, compliance and incident remediation.  Read More and Register  
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"Today we know that VeriSM™ helps organisations define their service management principles, but there is so much more to discover tomorrow. Going forward, we will see how VeriSM can act as the new framework for the digital era that brings together an approach to managing and harnessing all other methodologies and models from DevOps to AIOps, COBIT, BRM, SIAM, ITIL and more."
~ Chris Pope, VP of Strategy & Innovation, ServiceNow

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... a responsive operational model based on an integrated selection of management practices
Earth Day 2018 Celebration Ideas
Earth Day is Sunday April 22nd, w e wanted to share some simple ideas we could all do - s ome of it anyway - that could make a BIG impact.

  • Did you know that simply switching all of your bills to e-bills and online invoices can save millions of trees every single year? 

  • Do your faucets leak? If so, did you know that this wastes a lot of water on a yearly basis? If you haven’t done so yet, you may want to see how you can get started with these water conservation tips.

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