JUNE 2018
On May 12, 2018, I took the maiden voyage from Newark to Abidjan - a new direct flight offering from Ethiopian Airlines. There was a pre-flight celebration in Abidjan and in Newark. It was an exciting day in African aviation. As I boarded the flight and settled into my seat, I began to think about how important the private sector is to economic development and higher education. The partnership between Ethiopian Airlines and Air Cote d'Ivoire will be beneficial to the respective companies. And, new jobs will be created increasing meaningful employment for many. New skills will be needed in order to compete. Higher education is critical to the attainment of these skills. 

When the American corporate giant Amazon began looking for the best city to build its second headquarters, it outlined several requirements. The one requirement that struck me the most was the importance of selecting a city with a "strong university system". Amazon plans to hire 50,000 skilled workers. So, it wants to source these employees from a large pool of universities and community colleges. The company also wants information on K-12 education system in the selected cities. What this is telling all of us is that the private sector and universities are natural partners who need each other for relevance and survival.

As students complete their studies in the month of May and June and begin to look for employment, it is my hope these new entrants to the workforce find jobs and opportunities to satisfy their financial needs and career aspirations. 

Amini Kajunju
Student Highlight
Aminata Toure
My name is Aminata TOURE, I am Ivorian.
My journey to IUGB started in Fall 2016 when I was in the University Preparatory Program (UPP). I completed the program successfully and then began the university’s courses.

I have a Vocational Training Certificate in Accounting, Finance and Business management. In 2014, I worked for Randgold Resources in several departments, namely the supply chain, finance and engineering departments. I was fortunate to get a scholarship from this firm and go back to school. I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to the CEO of this company for the unbelievable kindness and tremendous support.

I chose the International University of Grand- Bassam (IUGB) because of its uniqueness (American-style University in a Francophone environment). I wanted to improve my skills, especially in English to face the challenges of the competitive world in which we live. I am majoring in Bachelor of Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance and Management. I am a member of the business, speech and health clubs.

I am also involved in community service because it is part of my personality. I believe that no one can or should be happy alone. For me, happiness is love and charity. One day, we will die and leave everything we have such as our car, house, money and so on. What we will go with is the feeling we had when we helped and put a smile on the faces of those who were suffering. As such, with my friends of the business club, we went to Don Orione in Bonoua and organized a Christmas party for sick children. Also, with other friends, we raised funds and went to the hospital to give gifts to mothers and newborn babies. Finally, we went to the mosque of Grand-Bassam to give gifts. 
Faculty Spotlight
Dr. André Claude Bayomock
Dr. André Claude Bayomock has been an Assistant Professor at IUGB since August 2013. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Polytechnique Montréal, Canada. He is teaching various courses in computer science: computer applications, principles of programming, web design concepts, database systems, business intelligence and data warehouse, data mining, distributed systems, mobile networks or information security. He contributed significantly to the design of the B.S. in Computer Science program and is the program's main academic student advisor. His research interests are in mobile applications and networks, web services, business intelligence and distributed systems. He published various articles and attended international conferences.

Dr. Bayomock is involved in academic and community services. He is the chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee and the co-chair of the Curriculum and Degree Committee of the Academic Council. He is also member of the Local Selection Committee for the IUGB Foundation Scholarships. In addition, he serves on the Faculty Evaluation Committee.

Prior to joining IUGB, Dr. Bayomock taught for five years at Polytechnique Montréal as part-time faculty. In addition, he served as software consultant/expert for various North American companies, including in banking, government, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing and healthcare.
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The Foundation’s top priority is to provide scholarships for qualified students who require financial assistance to attend IUGB.  It is important that African students have access to a superior education regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion or economic status. This idea is the core of IUGB's vision to establish a regional center of excellence for higher education.

Most IUGB students need some form of financial aid and our goal is to help as many of these students as possible.

$100  - covers technology fee per semester per student

$200  - covers one credit hour per semester per student

$500  -covers library, lab, health and security fees per semester per student

$1,000  - covers five credit hours per semester per student

$3,800  - covers half of the yearly academic fees (excluding room and board) for one college student

$7,800  - covers all costs for the academic year (excluding room and board) for one college student
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