April 16, 2021
Special Announcement
IVAC: Second Round of DAAD funding opportunities for transatlantic virtual academic collaboration, application deadline: May 25, 2021
Dear colleagues,
We are happy to announce the second round of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) program, "International Virtual Academic Collaboration" (IVAC), offering project funding opportunities for virtual cooperation.
Within the framework of international teaching cooperation, the IVAC program promotes and supports the integration of digital collaboration formats in study programs through a number of objectives, including the development of digital competencies of students and teachers, the cross-university digitization of processes in study, teaching and blended mobility, the extended access to international university programs of specific target groups (e.g. non-traditional students or students who are unable to travel), as well as the formation of a community of practice.
The IVAC program is financed by funds from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
The application deadline is May 25, 2021.
You can find the link to the announcement (in German only) here.
Please note that all links for downloading application materials at the bottom of the page are available in English as well.
Contact at the DAAD New York Office:
Uta Gaedeke, Senior Program Officer
Tel: +1(212)758-3223 x209

German universities that cooperate with a foreign partner university (in the case of transatlantic cooperation, a US or Canadian university) are eligible to apply.
You will find the call for proposals and detailed information on the program via the above link. In the call for proposals, you will also find contact persons at the DAAD office in Bonn, with whom German universities applying for IVAC can connect with any queries. American and Canadian applicants can also contact Uta Gaedeke at the DAAD New York Office with questions regarding the program.
I hope that this DAAD program for international virtual academic cooperation will be of interest to you, your institution, your colleagues, and your academic circles. Please share this exciting opportunity with eligible German, US, or Canadian universities in your networks.
With kindest regards,

Benedikt Brisch
Director, DAAD New York
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