October 2019
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President's Message
Happy Autumn to all IVAPM members and colleagues above the Equator and Happy Spring to our members and colleagues below the Equator!

As we wind down the last few months of 2019, your IVAPM organization is in ‘full-swing’, with many upcoming events and educational opportunities. Our next big educational offering will be our full-day track at VMX in Orlando on Sunday, January 19, 2020. We're thrilled that Drs. Tammy Grubb and Mark Epstein will be our speakers! Our newest cycle of CVPP applicants just completed testing and we happily welcome 11 new members to the Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner community!

We have had a wonderful and productive last year in our organization and I want to thank outgoing president, Dr. Jim Berry, for leading our crusade internationally, as the IVAPM strives to serve the veterinary community world-wide. In 2018, we traveled as a group to Ecuador for our semi-annual board meeting which concluded with our team providing veterinary services and education to the rural animal populations most in need. This winter, the IVAPM has been invited to return to teach the students at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito Veterinary School. A full day pain program will be presented.This past summer, we partnered with WSAVA/CVMA conference in Toronto, ON to provide a full day of education. Dr. Beatriz Monteiro is working with a wonderful group of international members who are translating all of our documents into multiple languages. This is a true labor-of-love and will do so much to spread pain management awareness world-wide. 

Our greatest reach to international members occurred last month at the IVECCS annual meeting in Washington, DC. Thanks to tireless efforts by past-president, Nancy Shaffran, we launched our first case-report competition. We were thrilled to accept 12 presenters and welcomed three international presenters. All of the topics were outstanding! Congratulations to Mylissa Fitzpatrick for taking home the prize. You can read more about the case reports in the Conference Corner section below. Start planning now to participate in this event next year.

In early 2019, the IVAPM held their first online educational event, the Virtual Symposium. Our speaker’s bureau provided seven hours of outstanding, cutting edge pain management CE and it was very well attended. Feedback from the veterinary community suggests that most people love online education. We have plans for two different offerings this spring and next fall – stay tuned for topics and speakers.

I am humbled and honored to steer the course of the IVAPM for the next two years and look forward to working with all of you to spread the word of veterinary pain management education. Please continue to support the IVAPM. Without membership, we cannot provide the education that our industry so desperately needs. I hope to see you at VMX in January!


Jennifer F. Johnson, VMD, CVPP
Conference Corner
IVECCS 2019 Case Reports
IVAPM was pleased to hold our first case report presentations at IVECCS. We had an overwhelming amount of submissions and the following IVAPM members were selected to present their reports on site.

Congratulations to Mylissa Fitzpatrick, CVT, VTS (ECC), CVPP for her winning presentation regarding managing osteoarthritis and severe elbow dysplasia after an acute ITP event.

  • Marie Bartling - Post Knee Surgery Treatment for Luxating Patella Correction and Simultaneous TPLO
  • Yael Shilo-Benjamin - Pain Management for Eyelid Surgery Utilizing Multimodal Analgesia & Peribulbar Anesthesia in a Square-lipped Rhinoceros
  • Mylissa Fitzpatrick - Managing Osteoarthritis and Severe Elbow Dysplasia After Acute ITP Event
  • Gwen Francisco - Overwhelmed by Pain Protocols? Let's Bust the Myth that Comprehensive Pain Management is too Complicated
  • Elizabeth Maxwell - Cat Undergoing a Right Hindlimb Amputation and Body Wall Resection for a Feline Injection Site Sarcoma
  • Stephanie Patterson - Multimodal Approach to the Relief of Chronic Pain Associated with Osteoarthritis with a Focus on Cannabidiol
  • Stacey Reiling - Crush Injury with Pressure Necrosis, Ischemia-repercussion Injury, Hypovolemic Shock and Possible Spinal Shock in a Multi-dynamic Patient
  • Brittaney Sanfacon - Thoracolumbar Perineural Injection for Nerve Root Pain Associated with Intervertebral Disc Disease in a Beagle
  • Gilberto Segnini - Post-surgical Perineural Analgesic Assessment of the Combination Between Bupivacaine & Dexamethasone in Dogs Undergoing Orthopedic Surgery of the Pelvic Limb
  • Emmanuella Sogebi - Pain Management in a Burn Patient
Case presenters and panelists from L to R:
Gwen Francisco, Emmanuella Sogebi, Nancy Shaffran, Kirsty Oliver, Jim Berry, Brittaney Sanfacon, Mylissa Fitzpatrick, Stacey Reiling, Maria Bartling, Gilberto Segnini, Dommennika Manzo. Kneeling L to R: Jennifer Johnson, Yael Shilo-Benjamin.
Winning case presenter: Mylissa Fitzpatrick, CVT, VTS (ECC), CVPP.
IVAPM at VMX 2020
Please join us for an amazing lineup of speakers and a variety of pain management topics during our IVAPM Pain Management Symposium, sponsored by Elanco at VMX. Not only are all of our speakers boarded experts in a variety of fields, they are also pain management experts who are passionate about what they do.

IVAPM Pain Management Symposium, Sponsored by Elanco, January 20, 2020:

  • Optimizing Analgesia: Open Your Pain Management Toolbox, Tamara Grubb
  • Those "Other" Pain Drugs: Fact/Fiction, Updates & Practice Tips, Mark Epstein
  • Have the Nerve: Local & Locoregional Anesthesia, Mark Epstein & Tamara Grubb
  • The Intertwine of PAIN & FEAR: Therapeutic Implications & Options, Tamara Grubb
  • An Anesthesiologist & General Practitioner Discuss Cases in Pain Management, Mark Epstein & Tamara Grubb
  • Rethinking Osteoarthritis in 2020, Mark Epstein
IVAPM at WVC 2020
On Monday, February 17, 2020 , the IVAPM Pain Management Symposium, sponsored by Elanco, will feature the following lecturers and presentations at WVC 2020:

  • Effects of Pain on the Health, Emotional Well-bring & Quality-of-Life in Dogs & Cats, Mike Petty
  • I Know that Dog has Chronic Pain: Convincing the Owner, Mike Petty
  • I Know that Cat has Chronic Pain: Convincing the Owner, Mike Petty
  • Acute & Chronic Pain Management: Old & New, Mike Petty
  • CBD in the Clinic: New Cannabinoid Studies for Small Animals, Stephen Cital
  • Behind the Eight Ball: Playing Catch-up With a Painful Patient, Kristen Cooley
  • One COX Does Not Fit All: Choosing the Right NSAID, Stephen Cital
  • On Your Last Nerve: Locoregional Anesthesia for the Veterinary Team, Kristen Cooley
IVAPM CE on Land or at Sea
IVAPM is thrilled to be partnering with the American Institute of Medical Laser Applications (AIMLA) for an upcoming CE opportunity presented on land or at sea.

On February 15, AIMLA will present Raising the Standard of Veterinary Care: A Multi-Modal Approach to Managing Pain at the Oquendo Center in Las Vegas.

This same opportunity will also be available at their CE at Sea meeting, taking place aboard Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas, March 15-22, 2020.

Both speaker line ups include IVAPM members Janice Huntingford and Jennifer Johnson speaking on multimodal approaches to managing pain.
Calling All IVAPM Students!
IVAPM is excited to reinstate our Student Chapters/Member Program.

Beginning this fall, student memberships and student chapter memberships will be free for all students currently enrolled in a veterinary or veterinary nurse/technician program! For more information and/or to start a student chapter, click here and download the Chapter Guidelines .

Last, but not least, please help us welcome a new IVAPM Student Chapter at the Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine!