ECRMC/Planned Parenthood UPDATE!
According to the press, approximately 3000 people showed up at the El Centro City Council Meeting last night in prayerful, peaceful protest of the transfer agreement between city-owned El Centro Regional Medical Center and Planned Parenthood.  We were appreciative of the mayor giving ample time to hear from the public on an issue that is obviously VERY important to the community.  Numerous people spoke to the various aspects of the issue, including attorney David Gibbs III who was there representing the 75 members of the IV Coalition for Life (which those members represent a huge portion of our community at large) along with the 3500 or so individual names who have signed petitions to ban abortions here.   It was an historic night and we were so excited to be a part of God's people breaking down denominational walls and coming together united on this issue of life!
At this point the Coalition is continuing to work hard on this issue and we are still very hopeful.  Because of the ambiguity of the City Council's direction, we are waiting for clarification from the City Clerk's office and the Mayor before making a statement on what their next steps are.  We feel we have a pretty good understanding but we want to give them the opportunity to clarify so that we don't misrepresent or misquote them on the direction they are moving forward with.
We assure you that they heard you loud and clear last night and are taking this seriously.  For those of you who came out last night, who called and sent letters, your voice was heard and it was critical to this process.  Thank you!  Please continue to PRAY and we will continue to update you as soon as possible.
Imperial Valley Coalition For Life
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Business/Title:  Amaris Ministries Founder/Director
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