for the 2018 Christi Anderson Personal Innovation Award
We raised over $2,100 for last year's  Christi Anderson Personal Innovation Award , and we're excited to raise even more this year!

If you know a bold and fearless woman who you think deserves this award, nominate her by July 20 using this link.
Learn more about this award on our website.

Donations can also be made to this  scholarship fund.
Advanced Women Leaders (AWL) Program

W e know that when women come together to  collaborate with, learn from, and support other  women, change happens for themselves and  the world and teams around them. 

The Bloombase Experience for Advanced
Women Leaders program brings together a small cohort of experienced women leaders committed to expanding their leadership approach and impact. The central purpose of the program is to support and challenge women to proactively grow and develop themselves to be even more confident, purposeful and influential leaders who produce positive impact in their lives, teams and organizations.

If you are interested in being a part of the next cohort in Indianapolis or Louisville, contact Sheri Fella.
9th Annual  IWL Indianapolis Conference
Now is The Time

JW Marriott

General Registration: $380
Opens TODAY, June 1, 2018

Conscious Capitalism Indianapolis
Conscious Leadership - Focusing on "We" not "Me"

5:00pm - 7:00pm 
The Vogue

Conscious businesses can only exist with Conscious Leaders. They are the stewards, the pioneers of good. They understand that their role is to keep the business focused on its purpose. Conscious leadership goes beyond the rallying of a team, or inspiring productivity. Conscious Leaders support the people within their organization and create value for all stakeholders as they strategically look ahead for sustainability. They recognize the integral role of culture and purposely create a Conscious Culture of trust and care.
Hear from a group of leaders from two respected organizations who embody this definition.  These leaders are at different stages of their own leadership journeys, and together are uniquely developing Conscious Leaders at all levels of their organizations. 

Join us at The Vogue for some mid-summer connecting, learning, and fun as we explore the third tenet of Conscious Capitalism. Dress is casual & there will be music!

Cost: $30

Diversity Roundtable of Central Indiana
Readying Indiana for Economic Growth by Eliminating Barriers to Success for Underrepresented Populations 
Featuring: Doran Moreland

Doran Moreland serves as Executive Director of Statewide Diversity & Community Engagement for Ivy Tech Community College. Previously, he worked in the offices of United States Senator Evan Bayh and Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson. His education policy experiences include EdChoice, an education think tank and Rocketship Education, a kindergarten through 5 th grade charter school operator.

Join the Diversity Roundtable of Central Indiana to hear from Doran and learn how to eliminate barriers to success for underrepresented groups in our state.

Cost:  FREE

Women of United Way
Ignite Your Journey Women's Speaker Series
Crafting Your Professional Presence, Featuring Ellen Dunnigan

Are you interested in improving your public speaking, professional presence and communication skills? Then join the Women of United Way on August 16 for their next event in the Ignite Your Journey series. Ellen Dunnigan, President and CEO of Accent On Business, will provide practical steps on how to develop your professional presence and image. You'll leave feeling confident and competent, ready to take on your next challenge in life.

Cost: $20 for Affinity Group Members, $25 for Non-members

Louisville SHRM
Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave & How to Keep Them Longer

5:30pm - 7:30pm 
UofL Delphi Center
Founders Hall, 450 Whittington Pkwy

While some of today's workforce is made up of deep-rooted, dependable staff, a larger number of positions are now a revolving door of employee turnover. Workforce thought leader, Cara Silletto, will join LSHRM to share more insight on why staffing is so challenging today and additional ways to gain greater staffing stability. Join LSHRM to learn how to slow the revolving door, more effectively manage the impending shorter-term workforce, and maximize the time you have with each employee.

Cost:  $35 for members, $40 for non-members

Your donation will help us to equip women with the tools to connect, grow and advance as leaders.

August 28, 2018 | 8:00am - 4:30pm | JW Marriott

General registration opens TODAY, June 1!
Now is the time to create a culture of inclusion. Now is the time to speak up for yourself. It's the time to lead by example. It's the time to accelerate your personal and professional growth, and foster growth of those around you. Now is the time to act.

At IWL we recognize that you come to a women's leadership conference to learn new ways of thinking and acting. To get inspired and get moving. We will spark new ideas. Create experiences, connections and support to take the next step.
Your mission matters. Your voice matters.  Now is the Time.
Announcing our opening Keynote:

James Loduca
Director of Equality Programs for Salesforce

As Director of Equality Programs at Salesforce, James leads advocacy and strategic partnerships for the Office of Equality. His work focuses on driving equal pay, equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal education throughout Salesforce, the technology sector, and communities where the company operates and serves. Over the course of his career, James has been a champion for diversity and inclusion in many roles, including being an advisor to the Obama White House, and he says that, " Now is the time for equality for all.Read James' full bio on our website.
Catch our other incredible Keynote Speakers:

Madeline DiNonno 
CEO of the Geena Davis Institute on 
Gender in Media

Jennifer Magley
Creator and Owner of Open Gym Indy
Former Professional Athlete 
and Division I Coach

We have an exciting program planned for August 28. 
General Registration opens today. Reserve your spot now - you won't want to miss it!

*To reserve your table of 10 at the price of $3,500 ($350 per person), contact Jen Tornatta at

Interested in Sponsorship Opportunities?

Wondering how your organization can become a sponsor? We invite you to become a sponsor and showcase your organization as a leader in gender inclusion. Please contact CEO Kim Graham Lee, at
IWL Board Member Mary Jovanovich Invited to Stanford to Speak on Charles Schwab Indianapolis 
Women's Interactive Network at Schwab (WINS') 
"Small WINS Matter"

Stanford University's  Clayman Institute for Gender ResearchDirector Shelley Correll has proposed reducing gender biases in the workplace will be best achieved with a "Small Wins" approach to organizational change. Charles Schwab Indianapolis  Women's Interactive Network at Schwab (WINS') project to encourage young females to pursue a career in the financial industry was identified by the Clayman Institute as a "small win." Stanford selected the project to be presented at their Women's Conference on May 24, 2018 during the corporate practitioners showcase breakout session, and Mary Jovanovich was invited to present the project.
Mary Jovanovich
IWL Board Member and Indianapolis Conference Committee Co-Chair
Sr. Manager, Business Development
Schwab Charitable

The entry was "A Day in the Life of a Financial Professional." The concept was very simplistic in creation: "If she can see it, she can be it." 

Indianapolis WINS invited 40 girls from the One Girl at a Time program to attend a half-day event at the Indianapolis Call Center to learn about the various roles within the center. The girls were given a tour of the facility, and other WINS members shared their career journey to help demystify preconceptions about required skills sets. In addition to the tour and the testimonials, the girls also received a financial literacy class on investment basics, and ended the day with a private screening of  The Empowerment Project . Mary said,

"The idea was to spark interest at an early age to encourage the girls to consider the possibility of working the in the industry after college, and offer ideas on what steps they could take now to best position themselves during their college years for future success." 

The project was selected based on the criteria of education, the diagnosis of bias, developing tools to overcome, intervene, and evaluate all the possible barriers . It is the Clayman Institute's belief small wins can produce "contagion," inspiring other wins down the road. While small wins are often criticized for their smallness, these small wins can produce important changes in their own right and spiral into larger changes later on. We are proud to have Mary on our team, and Charles Schwab as a loyal supporter of IWL Foundation. When businesses in our community take the initiative to invest in our future leaders, real change can be made.
IWL CEO Kim Graham Lee Talks Conscious Capitalism on "Taking Care in Business" Podcast

Kim Graham Lee, CEO of IWL Foundation, volunteers her time as President of the Indianapolis Chapter of Conscious Capitalism - the growing, global movement of using business as a force for good to "elevate humanity." 

Founded in 2010 by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, Conscious Capitalism centers around the four tenets of Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious
Culture and Conscious Leadership. Part of the philosophy that Kim addresses in this podcast is that in business today there is a need for what are typically considered "feminine values," and that together men and women can combine their strengths to achieve greater impact for their organizations.

Listen to the podcast here to learn more and hear Kim discuss this movement and how it's working in our community. 
Do you know a bold and fearless woman?

We raised over $2,100 for last year's Christi Anderson Personal Innovation Award, and we're excited to raise even more this year!

If you know a woman who you think deserves this award, nominate her by July 20 using this  link.
Learn more about this award on our websiteDonations can also be made to this  scholarship fund.

Our theme for June is Listening. How often do you take the time to pause and truly consider ideas different than yours? When you hear an idea that sparks your interest, do you ask more? It doesn't always come naturally, but we can learn more from one another than we can by just reinforcing our own norms. This month, we're challenging you to listen and act on the things you hear. Whenever you hear someone - at work or at home - say something that makes you think twice, don't let that moment pass. Ask, "What makes you think that way? Can you tell me more about that? What experiences led you to that idea?" You will learn things you never would have without asking, and you will strengthen your relationships with these individuals. You never know what you'll uncover just by stopping to listen

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