Centric Day of Innovation
October 15, 2015
Butler University
8am - 5pm

The Day of Innovation is the only Indiana innovation event that brings together leaders and practitioners from all sectors and backgrounds.

The purpose?
To understand how to help yourself, your organization, and your state prosper, through the use of creativity innovation. 

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IWL Lunch Workshop
The Millennial Mindset 2.0 

October 28, 2015
Indiana Wesleyan
11:30am - 1:30pm

Join us for networking and a session with Cara Silletto, expert on the millennial mindset and bridging the generational divide in the workplace. 

The purpose?
To take the conversation to the next level and dive into real examples and trends relevant to the changing landscape today. 

IWL Spotlight:
Millennials are Entitled, Loyal, Productive
by: Maggie Anderson, Integrating Woman Leaders Executive Director 

So often the "millennial conversation" is negative. People point to generalizations about "how difficult millennials are to work with" instead of focusing on the immense potential this group of young people has for business.

We "twentysomethings" make up the generation that doesn't believe it needs to pay its dues and bend to a traditional hierarchical structure. We admit to being entitled and noncommittal. We may find new jobs every two years, expect to make big moves fast, and rise up and out of companies rapidly. We demand fast-paced work environments, a seat at the table, and constant change.   

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Relive IWL Indianapolis 
Conference Recap

Want to see what the IWL conferences are all about? Check out this recap video to see for yourself! 
IWL Indy Recap Video
What a day for making connections, building relationships and empowering leaders! Our sold out conference has already created results. Let's keep growing together. Stay connected to IWL Foundation.

Recap: Open House at the IWL Office
Last week, the IWL team welcomed fresh and familiar faces into our office for an evening of connecting with individuals and local resources ranging from cooking tips to coaching advice. Thanks to all who attended and presented! 
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