Wow what a spectacular 25th Anniversary Celebration last Wednesday night! I am beside myself with gratitude. In the midst of all the excitement, reverie, horns and conga lines, I wasn't able to properly recognize and thank everyone who came forward to support IYAGNY. The event was a breathtaking success due to the generosity, stamina and commitment of all who attended and all who were involved. I am utterly blown away. 


I would like to start by thanking Ann McDermott-Kave, Executive Director of IYAGNY, for Herculean efforts to make the night possible, and for her hard work and whole-hearted dedication to the Association.


Thank you to our current board members: Alexander Vreeland (President), Sylvia Kier (Vice President), Joe Talamo (Treasurer), Julia Shaida (Secretary), Nicole M. de Jes�s, Judi Friedman, Christopher Lacovara, Seth Laderman, Gayle Miranda, Elizabeth Stanton and Adam Vitolo; thanks also to all of our past board members who have helped the association evolve and flourish. It was great to see recent board members Neal Stevenson, Ginny Schubert, Lisa Cirando and Laura Shapiro-Kramer who were vital to the Association and who set the way for us to move forward towards this new expansion.


To all the Association Teachers who were there - Naghmeh Ahi, Lara Brunn, Renata Cardinal, Carolyn Christie, Bobby and Lindsey Clennell, Norma Colon, Thea Daly, Jeanne-Marie Derrick, Matt Dreyfus, Judi Friedman, Marian Garfinkel, Priscilla Gilmore, Deborah Green, Sally Hess, Judith Isaacs, Richard Jonas, Genny Kapuler, Gina King, Michelle LaRue, Cheryl Malter, Tori Milner, Hugh Millard, Brooke Myers, Sarah Perron, Lisa Rotell, Theresa Rowland, Mel Robin, Julia Shaida, Susan Turis, Adam Vitolo: and to those, too, who were unable to attend. I've never been so inspired by my peers and colleagues. Your work reflects the highest standards of teaching, and our students thrive under your tutelage. My deepest appreciation.

To all our friends and community who traveled from afar to bring their support - it meant so much to have you with us: thank you!


This evening would not have been possible without the extraordinarily generous support of our Event Chairs Dana and Michael Goldstein. They are beacons on our path to our new home in Brooklyn.


Once again, I'd like to recognize our esteemed honorees: Judy Brick Freedman, Carole Eugenia Burns and Martha Stewart, in whose home we were so wonderfully at home.


And our remarkable Honorary Chairs: Jane Alexander, Olympia Dukakis, Donna Karan, Harvey Keitel, Linus Roache and a big shout out to Mira Nair!


Joining them are our devoted Patrons: Nancy and Frederic Poses, Viren Mehta and Amita Rodman


Benefactors: Christopher Lacovara, Ann McDermott-Kave


Supporters: Ken Bradt, Sylvia Kier, Julia Shaida, Neil Stevenson, The Goodard Family Charitable Foundation


Sustainers: Bent on Learning, Sherri Caplan, Lisa Cirando, Shari Diamond, The Lazarus Charitable Trust, Vinoodh Matadin, Laura Odell, Mitchell Owen, Patty Silverstein, Inez van Lamsweerde, Edwina VonGal


Advocates: Donna and Jake Carpenter, Nicole M. de Jes�s, Judi Friedman, Anna Rabinowitz, Kimihiro Sato, Lucienne Vidah, Laura Pintchik


Thank you, all.


A very special thanks to those who were so caught up in the spirit of the evening that they pledged while Red Baraat was still swinging! And to those who are still a-swirl, it's not too late to join in! 


You can donate by clicking here.


This ingenious 25th Celebration was the inspiration and product of artists, musicians, performers, florists and cooks: Junoon prepared delicious food. Popkarma popped Masala Popcorn. Tache Artisan Chocolate and Happy Ganesha Belly Sweets delivered tantalizing treats. Floral Design by Sanaw Ledrod was gracefully installed by Ning Usana and team.


Thank you to all the FABULOUS performers for truly bringing it: Darrell Thorne, makeup artist and designer of the Celestial Beings: Steve Schepis, Krishna; Tassos Pappas, Ganesh; Daniel Truini, Ganesh; "Tigger" James Ferguson, Hanuman; Darrell Thorne, Patanjali; Serena Jost, Lakshmi; Kavi Patel, Priest; Ajay Balakrishnan, Umbrella Bearer.   
Payal Kadakia with her gorgeous Sa Dance Company; the talented musical duo Adam Laboz and David Freeman; Sunny Jain and Red Baraat - what can I say? You rocked!

Thanks,Tori Milner, for bringing us closer to India by capturing Abhijata Iyengar on film.


Deepest appreciation to our new friends Nicole Torrecampo and Celine Son along with Empire Entertainment for taking on the unbelievable role of coordinating and planning the entire event!


It may go without saying, but a very personal thanks to my good friends Katie Christ, Alberto Del Saz and Judy Dennis who were my side, front and back throughout helping me navigate the production.


What a team behind the scenes!


Paula Quint, Sophie Herbert (Martha's niece), Rose Alexander (gift bag coordination), Seth Laderman (graphic design).


The IYAGNY Staff: Gary Widlund, Catherine Foulkrod, and Eva Lev who volunteered at the event, and our front desk ensemble who are vital to the Institute day-to-day.


Heather Kirkland,Valerie Buchholz and the rest of Martha's team - thanks, all!


My heartfelt appreciation to all of the volunteers who dedicated their time, energy, and resources to the success of this event:
Nil Akin, Kevin Allen, Michael Barr, Andrea Blair, Mike Branson, Maya Castellon, Sharon Cotugno, Matthew Crosland, Heloise Darcq, Bonnie Downing, Brina Gehry, Adam Green, Dan Hasson, Silvia Lattova, Natasha Llorens, Ines Machado, Evelyn Malave, Karen Meislik, Simone Bloomer Rogers, Valerie Rosenthal, Jen Roy, Rick Savadow, Val Shaffer, Jeffry Solomon, Caterina Ventura, Pauline Vitale, Marc Zarowin, and our henna and bindi greeters Nanda Srikantaiah, Sara Zell Young, April Lombardi and Jennifer MacGregor Dennis.
Very happily, the festivities were preserved for us by photographers Billy Cunningham, Adrian Buckmaster, Shari Diamond, Gerry Visco and videographers Christine Cheng and Anne Flourney.


Memories can be found and shared on our website: iyengarnyc.org


I would also like to thank all of the businesses who supported the event and donated so generously: ABC Carpet & Home, Anheuser Busch, Aveda, Beads of Paradise, Martin Brady, Mike Branson, Griffin Editions, icebreaker, John Masters Organics, Lotus Wei, Love Nature NYC, Pearlfisher, Organo, PopKarma, Random House, Rubin Museum of Art, Mt. Sapola, Shu Uemura, Robert Stuart Salon,Tammy Fender and Temptu.   


Finally, a most special thanks to Abhijata Iyengar for her beautiful message from Pune, and to the entire Iyengar family who guide us in our yoga practice.


Above all, our thanks to B.K.S. Iyengar, whose genius continues to teach us how to live life to its fullest, moment-by-moment, and the other night was a most wonderful example of that divine light!





James Murphy

Director, IYAGNY 



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