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A Pictorial Journey  Integral Yoga Center of Richmond

Sharing a vegetarian meal during the Yogaville Retreat Teacher Training 2015-16

Integral Yoga Teacher Ram Bhagat, receiving the PeaceMaker of the Year award at the RPEC Ceremony to honor him.

Living Yoga, a film about t he life and teachings of Swami Satchidananda. How the ancient teachings of Yoga were brought to the West

Learning the asanas (postures) in depth during Teacher Training class.

Sw. Karunananda teaching Raja Yoga to our TT's during one workshop

A picture with Valley Haggard after her workshop on Journaling for our TT's last year.

Vimala offering Gurudev a gift on Guru Poornima Day.
Karla Dharmini Helbert, an Integral Yoga teacher and a mentor for our TT Program, reading from her book " Yoga for Grief and Loss" at an event at the IYC.

Annie Ward Sumuki Love, Integral Yoga teacher, graduate from our TT Program, speaking at the event honoring Arun Gandhi,  grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

Carol Bodhini Mahan teaching yoga at the
Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance,  as part of her Karma Yoga project last year during TT.

Our trainees attending a Puja ceremony at Kailash, in Yogaville, o fficiated by Sundaram, learning about the path of Bhakti Yoga, 

KARMA YOGA from students and friends during the renovation or our space September 2015.

Alex Ginsberg helping to paint during renovation work fir the  new space last

Jyoti Cindy Sinanian, a gra duate of last year TT

Cynthia Chninmayi But ler, integral yoga teacher class 2016
Nitya  leading kirtan on our monthly Friday gatherings

Amy Abhati Bracken   during her final qualification exam, this year.

Brief ceremony before the Mindfulness Yoga class at the JCC, where Rabbi Ben Romer used to attend, honoring him,his wife Karen and students who practiced weekly with him. The RVA Peace Festival will be honoring him for  his active role in the field of Interfaith..

Restorative Yoga class with Deborah Samsom

Prahaladan Mandelkorn, after his meditation workshop for our TT's at the IYC. He was my first teacher and trainer, and   will  be part of our the Grand Opening's Panel Discussion.
Teaching Raja Yoga for the YCaT TT with Susheela Gilbert at Yogaville

Rev Vimala Pozzi's Ordination Ceremony w/ Rev Rudra at Guru Bhavan, Yogaville, on the 50th Anniversary of Integral Yoga. Photo with IY Ministers

Our First Informational TT meeting, 9/23 at the IYC
Our Integral Yoga Trive at the IAYT's Sytar Conference in DC
Our PRYT Tribe at the Sytar Conference
Integration: Michael Lee founder of PRYT (and wife Lori) and Senior IY presenters at the Sytar Conf: Dr Mala Cunningham and Dr Amrita McLanahan
The Ascendants -Shankari's group at our last kirtan at the IYCoR
Vimala yearly yoga class at Monacan HS. 50+ kids in Yoga Nidra! Unforgettable!

Rev Jivana founder of  Accessible Yoga
at Rev Vimala's ordination.
 August 31, 2016

Hari Om and Om Shanti,

We are so happy to share with you exciting NEWS about our Integral Yoga Center of Richmond. 

In this newsletter we want to inform you of some EVENTS and NEW FALL CLASSES & TRAININGS offered at our new space, on Roseneath Rd -in  the Museum District/Carytown, starting in September. 

What's new is an amazing team of Integral Yoga Teachers who will be sharing with you their knowledge and experience. Also a most outstanding Team of Supporters for the development and growth of the center, as follows:

1. Educational Programs Team:
Kavita Sullivan and Jagadamba Barr. Kudos for their work in coordinating our Grand Opening on September 24th and upcoming workshops and events.

2. Outreach Team: Chaired by  Mere Lavanya Carle , who together with' Joelle Pearson of Yogaville, did an stellar job during the Veggie Fest. Jagadamba and Taylor are supporting her for our upcoming Peace Fest.

3. Web TeamVickie Quigg , our web designer par excellence. is the artist behind our state of the art web page. With the support of Anne Bhudevi Fletcher , they are in the process of updating web page and creating a newer more simple user-friendly one. Kudos for their dedication, time and effort.

4. Facilities Team: headed by  Taylor Vasudeva Whitehouse , who is constantly making sure our space is updated tp address the ever growing needs.

5. Carol Bodhini Mahan, Karma Yogi by excellence, assisting in manifesting the vision of the center fulfilling its needs with constant donations of shelving units and an iPad for receiving credit card payments in-house.

Thank you to all those who volunteered for the Veggie Fest. We are now looking for volunteers for the RVA Peace Fest on Saturday September 10, 11am-5pm. Please contact Mere at: and cc to: Jagadamba at:

This Fall, you will be able to TASTE different ways that you can experience YOGA, on-the-mat and off-the-mat, through all the branches of yoga (hatha, karma, bhakti, japa, raja, jnana) as well as through drumming and dance, laughter yoga, chanting, health and healing, breath and meditation, community and personal attention.

Check below the list of  classes and workshops.  These classes are just offered at our Roseneath Center. For more details about the class description, dates and length, pricing & teacher's bio, visit our web calendar

Class Schedule at our West End Wellness Village center near Regency, will be e-mailed soon.

Please join us on September 24, 8am-8pm, for the Grand Opening.  Can't wait to see you on the 24th!

Fall Class Schedule
List of Classes/Events by Day of the Week:
(For more details about the class description, dates and length, pricing & teacher's bio, visit our web calendar

Continuing Yoga:  6pm - 9/12-10/31 -  Nora Vimala
Chair Yoga  for Stress Management and Health:   7:45 pm - Nora

X-Gentle: 9:15am - 9/6-10/25 - Nora - FULL
Mixed Lev: 4:45pm - 9/13-11/1 - Nora
Surprise Tuesdays Yoga: 6:30pm - 10/11-11/1 - staff
Teacher Training Informational Meeting: 6:15pm - 9/6
Teacher Training First Day: 5:30pm -  11/8 - Nora

Beginners: 12pm - 9/21-11/2 - Mitra Trace
Beginners Community Class - 6pm-  9/21-12/21 - Caro
Continuing  Community Class :   7:30 pm -  9/21-12/21 - Nitika  

Mixed Level: 9am:  9/22-11/3 - Durga Sylvia
X-Gentle: 10:30am:  9/8-10/27 - Nora @ IYC
Mindful Yoga: 2:45pm - 9/22-11/3 - Siv
Continuing Yoga: 4:45pm - 11/10-12/22 - Nora
Continuing Yoga: 6pm - 9/22-11/3 - Uma
Beginners  Community Class:  7:45pm-  9/22-11/3 - Mitra

Kirtan: Lobo Marino (special guest): 7-9pm - 9/23
Kirtan: Monthly chanting: 6-8pm - 10/21
Kirtan: monthly chanting: 6-8pm - 11/`8

Beginners  Community Class: 9am - 10/1-10/17 - T aylor
Earth Yoga: 10:30am -  10/1 -11/26 - Anne Bhudevi
GRAND OPENING: 8am-8pm - 9/24  (see schedule below)
Laughs Yoga workshop: 2-3:45pm -  10/15 - Mary Burruss
Yoga Drum Dance: 12:30pm - 10/22 - Ram Bhagat
Laugha Yoga class: 2pm - 11/12 - Mary Burruss
Teacher Training Workshop : 9am - 11/19TBA

Yoga 4 Everybody: 9am - 9/25-11/6 - Carol Bodhini
Yoga 4 Everybody: 1:30pm -  9/25-11/6 - Carol Bodhini
Family Yoga: 3:45pm - 9/25-12/11 - Nitya
Mixed Lev Yoga: 4:45pm  9/25-12/11  - Nitya
Teacher Training Informational Meeting: 5:30pm -  9/25

COMMUNITY CLASSES: Swami Satchidananda always taught to allow everybody into a class regardless of their financial situation. He also said that it was important to charge a fee to keep the classes and teacher in good standing so that they can continue teaching. How to balance this equation? 

We establish a fee and trust that everybody that can pay will pay, but those who cannot are alway welcome to give a small donation.

We also have now Community Classes  that work on a drop-in-basis with a low suggested donation, where YOU CAN PAY WHAT YOU CAN.  We want to make sure that everybody can benefit from our classes.

GRAND OPENING for our IYC new space
We have been in our new space, on Roseneath Rd behind the Temple Beth-El, for almost one year. Many of our sangha (yoga community), students and teachers, have contributed greatly to make it a beautiful sacred space. We have pictures of the process of transformation in our FB page, but we were so busy with our 6-month long Teacher Training 10/6-4/23), we never had the time to bless it or celebrate it.

NOW we are ready! Please join us in experiencing the many offerings we have organized for you, including a taste of YOGAVILLE in Richmond!! Below are some of the brief sessions we are offering throughout the day:

An introduction to Pranayama (breathing) & Meditation with Kalyani and Nitika
A taste of an I ntegral Yoga class with Carol and Anne
A taste of a Chair Yoga class with Nora Vimala
An Introduction to Bhakti Yoga, the path of Devotion and Love with Karla Helbert, explaining the meaning of a Puja, the blessing ceremony of our space.
A Puja officiated by Swami Karunananda from Yogaville
A Panel Discussion with Integral Yoga Teachers sharing how becoming an IY Teacher has transformed their lives.
A Laughing Meditation session with Mary Burruss
A Panel Discussion with Yogaville Senior Teachers ( Dr McLanahan, Sw Karunananda, Sw. Sarvaananda, Ram Wiener, Prahaladan Mandelkorn)
A session of Yoga Drum Circle with Ram Bhagat
A session of Kirtan (sacred chanting) with Nitya
A session of Yoga and movement with Nora Vimala
A Yoga Party with Rattlemouth. (No alcoholic beverages allowed in the premises) Bring a potluck with finger food for snacks.

The entire Event is FREE to the public, but DONATIONS are welcome.

213 Roseneath Rd, Suite #102
(a schedule with events times will be posted in FB, at the IY center, and sent by email for your convenience)

See brief article in the Sept Issue of Natural Awakening Magazine.

LOBO MARINO - kirtan with Laney & Jamerson

   213 Roseneath Rd, Suite #102
Big illuminated parking lot behind our building

Jameson Price and    Laney Sullivan make up Lobo Marino , a Richmond-based duo whose elegantly eerie chant-like intones soar over drone-vibing world-fused folk music built primarily on harmonium, bass drum and various other unique instruments and voices. 

Suggested donations $10-15

RVA PEACE FEST - Come and visit us!

The seeds for the RVA Peace Festival were planted during a candlelight vigil following the tragic events of 9/11. ( Read more)

The mission of the annual RVA Peace Festival is to provide an opportunity for children, youth, and adults ... to gather in celebration  of peace and diversi ty.  ( read more )
Please join us at the booth we are sharing with Yogaville. The Integral  Yog a teachings, help us experience a state of  peace, ours and o thers, and gain tools for violence prevention and conflict resolution through the transformative path of yoga.
Swami Satchidananda, founder of Integral Yoga said: "Truth is One, Paths are Many", and manifested it in a beautiful work of art, the LOTUS Shrine, that serves as a vehicle to practice Interfaith, the mutual understanding among people of all faiths.

6000 Grove Ave, 
Richmond, va 23228

If you would like to volunteer at our booth, please contact Mere Lavanya Carle at  or Jagadamba Jane Barr at  

Upcoming Integral Yoga TEACHER TRAINING
NOVEMBER 8, 2016-MAY 6, 2017
6 month long 200Hr Yoga Alliance approved Training

Lead Trainer: Nora Vimala Pozzi, eRYT500
with a team of exceptional experienced mentors

This non-residential I Y Training Program was designed by Vimala Nora Pozzi in 1999, and revised every year to meet the high standard of Yogaville Trainings, on which this course is based, and the Yoga Alliance. It also incorporates the feedback of all the graduates from this course. It has been tested by time, again and again.

It includes a very comprehensive study (3 months) of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, known as the Psychology and Philosophy of Yoga, containing the yogic ethics to learn how to live in harmony and the Eight-Limb Path of Liberation to experience the True Self: the state of Yoga or union.

This course offers a structure to practice the art of self-inquiry, which is the essence of becoming a yoga teacher, but goes beyond it. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to delve into the nature of the mind and our relationships- with ourselves and others- some of the main sources of suffering and pain. The course also helps to deepen the daily practice of yoga and meditation. Therefore this course may be useful also to those who are interested in their spiritual journey.

Learning how to teach the asanas (yoga postures), breathing and meditation techniques, including anatomy and physiology, plus learning how to adapt the class to different needs and settings, is also part of this course, which includes public speaking and marketing.

Classes, Workshops & Retreats: 
Tuesday evenings (weekly): 5:30 to 9:30pm
 Fridays Kirtan & workshops (monthly)  6-9pm
Saturday morning workshops 9am-1pm (5 Saturdays)
Four Day Yoga Immersion Retreat in Yogaville (12/8-11)
Graduation Day at  Yogaville (5/6/17)

Other Requirements:
Weekly practice with a partner & a mentor
Research projects and observation reports
Karma Yoga Project
K eep a yoga practice log
Keep a daily journal
Weekly assignments
Reports on workshops offered by senior teachers from Yogaville

The course  BROCHURE

Let us know if you are interested in attending. You will meet some of our graduates and mentors, the textbooks and ask questions to help make an informed decision.

Some testimonies:
:"My teacher training at the Integral Yoga Center of Richmond was one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of my life. The ultimate goal may have been to complete the 200 hours required to become a certified yoga instructor, but the course allowed for and encouraged a level of self-inquiry that has changed my outlook on life and transformed me into a happier, healthier, person" Kerry

" I would highly recommend Integral Yoga Center of Richmond's Teacher Training and wish to sing nothing but praises for it. The classes were scheduled in such a way that were very easy to adapt to my busy life. I feel the program instilled in me a solid foundation of physical practice to bring to many types of studios, and a stronger spiritual practice than I ever thought possible. It is a thorough and cohesive teacher training with endless resources from my teachers, mentors and the integral yoga community". Mere

2015-16 Teacher Training at LOTUS in Yogaville
We are looking forward to continue sharing with you the beauty and healing power of yoga, in whichever of the many aspects you may need to experience them. 

We hope we can be of service to help facilitate an experience that is unique to you, where you can find the peace and the wisdom you already have within yourself. That is the gift of yoga, one of Awareness of what is, Trust in the process, Courage to act and Surrender to receive with an open heart and mind.

Om Shanti, Om Peace
Rev Vimala Nora Pozzi

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