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The Lincoln Lawyer
Virtual Book Launch
November 10
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Song for the Dark Times
John Rebus
Signed UK Edition
Virtual US Launch
Sunday 1:00 PM

Virtual US Lauanch
Monday 12 PM

The Nightworkers
Great debut
Our November First Mystery Book of the Month
Virtual Monday 6 PM

Goodnight, Beautiful
A knockout suspense
Virtual Tuesday 5 PM

Virtual Wednesday 12:00 PM with Ace Atkins
Jake Brigance #3

Andy Carpenter Christmas Tale
Virtual Wednesday 2:00 PM

Black Sun
Epic fantasy series start
Virtual October 16 7:00 PM

The Sentinel
Jack Reacher #25
Virtual October 26 5:00 PM
with both Childs
Comes signed by Andrew with a terrific letter to you written and Signed by Lee

Our October Historical Fiction Book of the Month
A debut
Virtual October 28

Signed UK Edition
The final chapter of the
Last Kingdom Series
Due sometime soon

Signed UK Edition
A spy story
due in sometime soon

Just 5 Signed UK Editions
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due in sometime soon
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Dazzling debut
Virtual with Lisa See November 5
Our November Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month
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Confessions on the 7:45
An update on Highsmith's Strangers on a Train
Our October Crime Book of the Month

The Reacher Guy
Our copies come with a custom designed bookplate 
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Orphan's Guilt
Joe Gunther
in stock now
in stock now

On sale October 27

Signed UK Edition
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Signed UK Edition
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includes a new novella with Kane, the military dog
and signed with a doodle of the dog by Rollins
in stock now

a truly fabulous police procedural and our October British Crime Club Pick unsigned

Saturday Greetings,

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You can find some book talks, short recommendations, by me and on our Instagram courtesy of IGTV. Check out short videos by Patrick, Pat King,and John Charles of our staff as well.

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 Now running: Britain's Andrew Taylor

Coming mid week: Three Australians:
Sulari Gentill, Dervla McTiernan, Emma Viskic 

The Brad Thor Near Dark Discussion Club
Postponed. New Date TK
What fun. A chance to discuss the whole book
and answer some questions for Brad as well as pose some to him.

Email to secure your place for Brad Thor hosting a discussion club for his latest Scot Harvath thriller Near Dark October 8 6:00 PM

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Two Signed Book 
Extras Surprises
When the dust cleared from sorting out shipping around vast numbers of copies to authors and back to us, we now announce
we have a few extras of two in-demand Signed Firsts:

Butcher, Jim. Battle Ground (Ace $28) Harry Dresden

Johnson, Craig. Next to Last Stand (Viking $27.99) -- and yes, we still have the holiday postcard with Craig and Judy on the ranch to go with our copies of this Walt Longmire art heist.

Ian Rankin
Virtual US Book Launch
Sunday 1:00 PM
SUNDAY OCTOBER 11 1:00 PM Virtual US Launch Party
Ian Rankin discusses A Song for the Dark Times (Little Brown $27)

Here's a photo from Ian of Edinburgh in lockdown from Ian:... 

So we have Rebus moving to a ground floor apartment, less challenging for his compromised breathing

His daughter Samantha reports her partner Keith missing... then becomes a suspect in a murder

Malcolm Fox comes from Gartcosh to join Siobhan and colleagues in the murder of a rich Saudi and gets entangled with Big Ger McCafferty 

And we learn a lot about WWII internment camps in Scotland!

A Starred Review: "Edgar winner Rankin's excellent 23rd outing for John Rebus takes the retired police inspector from Edinburgh to a remote part of northern Scotland, where his daughter Samantha's partner, Keith Grant, the father of his school-age granddaughter, has vanished. In his search for Keith, Rebus visits a local commune and-of particular interest to Keith-the ruins of a camp built during WWII that held captured German soldiers. An entitled landowner he runs across complicates his quest. Back in Edinburgh, former colleague Siobhan Clarke investigates the murder of Salman bin Mahmoud, a wealthy 23-year-old Saudi...

As the two plots converge, the various credible, complex backstories coalesce into a highly satisfying and unified whole. This fresh entry boasts the kind of storytelling that made Rankin famous."

Signed UK edition available 
A Song for the Dark Times (Orion $45)

Lisa Jewell with Clare Mackintosh
Virtual US Book Launch
Monday 12:00 PM
Lisa Jewell in conversation with Clare Mackintosh
Jewell discusses Invisible Girl (Atria $28)
Signed books in stock

The disappearance of a teenage girl disrupts the lives of her former therapist, his family, and a lonely neighbor-providing an array of characters set in a posh London neighborhood. 

Seventeen-year-old Saffyre Maddox has been in therapy with Roan Fours, a child psychologist, for three years for self-harming after the deaths of her parents. When Roan suggests Saffyre is ready to move on, she feels betrayed and begins following Roan and spying on his wife, Cate, and two teenage children. She learns Roan is having an affair but also that multiple sexual assaults are taking place in his neighborhood. When Saffyre disappears, Owen Pick, one of Roan and Cate's neighbors, is arrested and jailed based on his browsing history after having been placed on leave from his job following sexual misconduct complaints. At the same time, Cate becomes suspicious of Roan's lies.... 

A November (already!) Indie Next Pick for a novel that "showcases the many ways that sexism can creep in and affect everyday moments."
Debut Author Brian Selfon
with Editor/Critic Neil Nyren
Monday 6:00 PM

Brian Selfon in conversation with the distinguished editor and critic Neil Nyron 

Selfon discusses The Nightworkers (Farrar $27)
Our November First Mystery Book of the Month
Signed Books available for non members later in October

This is a great chance to ask questions of an editor (Nyren is not Selfon's editor (but is for Box, Sandford, etc) but has reviewed his book)

Selfon's debut follows a Brooklyn family full of quirky criminals (among them an aspiring artist/courier and a poetry-loving thief). 

Shecky Keenan has a family. They're all criminals. Shecky runs a money-laundering operation in Brooklyn, with many complex moving parts. His artist nephew Henry, 21, is the chief bagman, enforcer, and training officer: "Darkness is your friend," he tells a new recruit. "I run the mules in my family, and this is my promise to you. I will keep you in the dark." 

Kerasha, 23, fresh out of jail, is Shecky's poetry-loving niece, a born thief with "a sixth sense for blueprints and layouts, a feel for floors and walls, corridors and closets." Together, Shecky notes with satisfaction, they make "a perfectly wonderful, perfectly Brooklyn family of misfits."

Until things start going wrong. A strange car is following them, some of the bank accounts they use have gotten glitchy, and a new runner has vanished, with a quarter million dollars of a very bad man's money. Add in a psychotic girlfriend and a police officer with a very personal reason to want to burn them all down, and suddenly bodies are dropping, and the three of them are scrambling not just to stay one step ahead, but simply to stay alive. What does the future hold for a family on the run when crime is what keeps it together?
Rose Carlyle
Aimee Molloy
Tuesday 5:00 PM
Rose Carlyle discusses The Girl in the Mirror (Harper $27.99)

Carlyle has fashioned a brilliant, intricate plot which makes our October International Crime Book of the Month. This is a superb example of a ferocious Trust No One thriller. I loved it.

Australian heiress Iris Carmichael, the narrator of Carlyle's assured debut, has always envied her identical twin sister, Summer, who's considered perfect by everyone and is also Iris's mirror image. When Iris looks in the mirror, she sees Summer. Their complicated relationship changes after their father dies and his will stipulates that his $100 million fortune go to the first of his six competitive children-by his three wives-to produce a grandchild. 

Meanwhile, Summer, who's married to "wealthy, handsome, charismatic" Adam Romain and a few weeks pregnant, needs Iris, an expert sailor, to help her sail the family yacht from Thailand to the Seychelles. During the trip, Summer accidently falls overboard and is lost at sea. To secure the inheritance, Iris resolves to "step into" Summer's life, get pregnant, and beat her closest rival. Oh boy....

Aimee Molloy discusses Goodnight, Beautiful (Harper $27.99)
Signed books in stock

Equally excellent is this gem from bestseller Molly of

It's no accident that more than one character is reading Stephen King's Misery in this crafty page-turner from bestseller Molloy. 

For starters, plenty of it--misery, that is--awaits newlyweds Sam Statler and Annie Potter after their move from Manhattan to Sam's upstate hometown of Chestnut Hill, N.Y., to be closer to his ailing mother. After a heady first few weeks during which Sam's therapy practice explodes with women eager for face time with the studly psychologist, he disappears-shaking Annie to the core. But, in the absence of clear indications of foul play, his disappearance is a low priority for the local police, especially once they get anonymous tips about his major debts and possible affair with a patient of his. 

After some accomplished misdirection, Molloy flips the story on its head. The surprising revelations compensate for the book's major weakness-readers not getting to know the most appealing character, spunky Annie, until late in the plot when she's forced to turn detective to search for the husband she still loves despite his considerable flaws. 

An excellent choice for readers of The Last Mrs. Parrish and The Silent Patient
John Grisham with
Ace Atkins
Wednesday 12:00 PM
John Grisham in conversation with Ace Atkins
John Grisham discusses A Time for Mercy (Doubleday $29.95)
Signed books available

(Ace's November Spenser is postponed to January 14 6:00 PM)

Clanton, Mississippi. 1990. Jake Brigance, unsuccessful at dodging being assigned a tough case, finds himself embroiled in a deeply divisive trial when the court appoints him attorney for Drew Gamble, a timid sixteen-year-old boy accused of murdering a local deputy, a deputy with a drinking habit who beat Drew's mother so badly Drew thought she was dead. But the deputy is from a local clan who along with many in Clanton, like fellow officers, want a swift trial and the death penalty. 

Jake's fierce commitment to saving Drew from the gas chamber puts his career, his financial security, and the safety of his family on the line. Immerse yourself in this third visit to Clanton in a case that reminds me of To Kill a Mockingbird

Ace Atkins joins us and will underline how Mississippi and the 1990s frame the narrative.
David Rosenfelt
A Christmas Treat
Wednesday 2:00 PM
David Rosenfelt discusses Silent Bite (St Martins $25.99)
A Christmas Andy Carpenter and canine adventure
Signed books available

Lawyer Andy Carpenter can finally take a breath; he's back on dry land after a family Caribbean cruise forced on him by his wife, Laurie, to get into the Christmas spirit. Of course the family's first stop is to the Tara Foundation, the dog rescue organization that has always been Andy's true passion. But when Andy arrives, his partner, Willie Miller, needs his help. Willie's old cellmate, Glenn Anson, has been arrested for murder. Andy doesn't necessarily believe in Glenn, but Willie does. And Andy believes in Willie, which is why Andy decides to take the case. Once again David Rosenfelt puts readers in the Christmas spirit as well as delivering another love letter to dogs.
Mark Salter with
Pulitzer Prize winner
Jim Hoagland
Life with John McCain
Thursday 5:00 PM
NOT a political event
Mark Salter in conversation with distinguished foreign correspondent, columnist, and Pulitzer Prize winner Jim Hoagland of the Washington Post discussing Salter's 

Salter, who co-authored seven books with the late Senator, covers all the major events of McCain's life-his peripatetic childhood, his naval service-but introduces, too, aspects of the man that the public rarely saw and hardly knew. 

Woven throughout this narrative is also the story of Salter and McCain's close relationship, including how they met, and why their friendship stood the test of time in a political world known for its fickle personalities and frail bonds. Glimpses of his restlessness, his curiosity, his courage, and sentimentality are rendered with sensitivity and care. 

The capstone to Salter's intimate and decades-spanning time with the Senator lies in stories McCain was too modest to tell himself. 

Salter will be interviewed by Pulitzer Prize winning Foreign Correspondent and columnist Jim Hoagland of the Washington Post underlining that this is not a political event!
Our October Calendar
Check back for updates
Mark Salter in conversation with distinguished foreign correspondent, columnist, and Pulitzer Prize winner Jim Hoagland of the Washington Post discussing Salter's 
This is not a political event
Rebecca Roanhorse discusses Black Sun (Saga Press $27.99)
Our October SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month
Signed books available
Croak & Dagger discuss Ann Cleeves, The Long Call ($16.99)
MONDAY OCTOBER 19 5 PM A Poisoned Pen Press Duo
Mary Anna Evans discusses Wrecked (Poisoned Pen $15.99)
Faye Longchamp Archaeological Mystery
Sara Johnson discusses The Bones Remember (Poisoned Pen $15.99)
Alexa Glock Forensic Mystery (set in New Zealand)

Hardboiled Crime discusses John Gregory Dunne, 
Nothing Lost (Vintage $14.95)
Andrew and Lee Child in conversation
They discuss The Sentinel (Bantam $30), the new Jack Reacher
Signed book available plus a special letter to our customers from Lee Child
John Connolly discusses Dirty South (Atria $27.99)
Might be one or two Signed UK editions left: Dirty South (Hodder $44)

Stephen Spotswood discusses his debut Fortune Favors the Dead (Doubleday $26.95)
A debut historical likened to Nero Wolfe/Archie Goodwin mysteries
Our October Historical Fiction Book of the Month

Richard Paul Evans discusses The Noel Letters (Gallery $21.99
Special signed bookplates

We close at 5:00 PM so our staff can enjoy it too
Our October Books of the Month
First, thank you for your response to The Pen's Books of the Month. The rise in membership means we can do a better job securing signed and unsigned books for you. It's not too late to join one or more clubs--or to give a club membership or more as a holiday gift to start in December or January.

Please email for details and to sign up.

The Crime Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
British Crime Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
McDermid, Val. Still Life (Grove $26)
Cozy Crimes Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
Hoffman, Alice. Magic Lessons: The Prequel to Practical Magic  signed copies sold out
First Mystery Book of the Month Club One Signed hardcover First per month
Osman, Richard. The Thursday Murder Club Signed copies sold out
Historical Fiction Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
Spotswood, Stephen. Fortune Favors the Dead
International Crime Book of the Month One Unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Carlyle, Rose. The Girl in the Mirror
SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month One hardcover or paperback per month signed when possible.
Roanhorse, Rebecca. Black Sun  Signed copies 
A Preview of November/December
Check back for updates
MONDAY NOVEMBER 2 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Janet Evanovich discusses Fortune and Glory (Atria $28.99)
Signed Books available from Evanovich to us
Our copies come with various extras
Asha Lemmie in conversation with Lisa See
Lemmie's debut is Fifty Words for Rain (Dutton $26)
Our November Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month
Signed Books available for Lemmie

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 5 6:30 PM Virtual Book Launch
Anne Perry discusses her latest in her Christmas Series, 
A Christmas Resolution (Ballantine $20)
Comes with a holiday good wishes letter signed by Perry
SATURDAY NOVEMBER 7 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Jacqueline Winspear discusses This Time Next Year We'll Be Laughing (Soho $27.95)
A memoir/autobiography
Signed books available. A great gift for Maisie Dobbs fans
Australia's JP Pomare chats with Betty Webb
Pomare's new novel is In the Clearing (Mulholland $28)
TUESDAY NOVEMBER 10 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Michael Connelly discusses The Law of Innocence (Little Brown $29)
Lincoln lawyer Mickey Haller
Signed Books available
Boyd Morrison in conversation with Don Bentley
Morrison discusses Clive Cussler's Marauder (Putnam $29), Morrison's last full collaboration with Clive Cussler
Signed Books available
Nev March in conversation with Sujata Massey
March discusses her debut mystery Murder in Old Bombay (Minotaur $26.99)
Our November Historical Fiction Book of the Month
Signed Books available
We will post on FB and in a podcast a recorded conversation made this morning with Martin Edwards, Elly Griffith, Aline Templeton and Andrew Taylor all discussing Howdunit (Harper $27.99)
Learn crimewriting from the masters who belong(ed) to The Detection Club
Lynn Truss discusses Murder by Milk Bottle (Bloomsbury $27/$17)
A Constable Twitten Mystery
Signed bookplates
Marc Cameron and H. Ripley Rawlings in conversation with Mark Greaney
Cameron discusses Tom Clancy: Shadow of the Dragon (Putnam $29.95)
Jack Ryan, Sr. #20
Rawlings discusses Assault by Fire (Kensington $8.99)
Tyce Asher #1
TUESDAY NOVEMBER 17 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
David Baldacci discusses Daylight (Grand Central $29)
An Atlee Pine Thriller
Signed books available
Hardboiled Crime Discussion Club

SciFi Friday Discussion Club

Croak & Dagger Discussion Club
TUESDAY DECEMBER 1 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Thomas Perry discusses Eddie's Boy (Grove/Mysterious $26)
Michael Shaeffer aka The Butcher's Boy is back
Signed books available
Caz Frear in conversation with Patrick
Frear discusses Shed No Tears (Harper $26.99)
London cop Cat Kinsella
Signed bookplates
SJ Rozan discusses The Art of Violence (Pegasus $25.95)
PIs Lydia Chin/Bill Smith
Signed books available

TUESDAY DECEMBER 8 Virtual Book Launch
Jane Cleland discusses Hidden Treasure (Minotaur $26.99)
Josie Prescott Antique Mysteries... lucky #13

The Jungle Reds Christmas Cocktails Party
Rhys Bowen, Lucy Burdette, Deborah Crombie, Hallie Ephron, Jenn McKinlay, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Julia Spencer-Fleming
Mystery-of-the-Month Club 

Looking for something new to read each month and aren't sure what to choose?  Let us help... And it makes a great gift 
The Mystery-of-the-Month Club is individually tailored to each customer's specific tastes.  Just let us know what kinds of mysteries you enjoy, whether your looking for signed hardcover books or paperbacks, and we'll take it from there!
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