No Deposit needed, we can "Pencil you in": If you dreaming of future international travel and don't want to make a firm commitment until things settle down, we can write you on the list and when it is safe to travel again, we will already have you on the trip list and you can make the deposit at that time. We expect we will be ready to take deposits for Iceland in August 2021.

Email me at or call 970-556-6103

Reviews: We would love more reviews for our tours from you. Having great Google reviews really helps our website to get on the first page for internet searches and it is good for business too!. If you don't have a Google account, you can email me a review and I will post it on my website. If you have Gmail, you can easily leave a review by searching for "Kaiyote Tours" or there is a link on the "Reviews" page of my website.