Idaho Youth Futsal League
& Idaho Indoor Soccer Tournament News

Are you ready for winter development!!? Ready for Futsal? 

Futsal is the fastest growing sport in the world. Great sport for skill development: 600% more touches per game than soccer and an incredibly awareness and fast speed of thought are needed to execute a proper solution.

Now Idaho goes from behind the curve to leading the way! Read to the end to take advantage of this incredible opportunity! Catch the Futsal wave. ( More about Futsal! )

TEAM REGISTRATION for the Winter Idaho Futsal League (Jan 9 - Feb 21) (the only U.S. Youth Futsal sanctioned league in Idaho) is open now!

Two Conferences are offered, featuring US Soccer Futsal Certified Referees, assigned directly by a pro referee assignor!

  • Ada County Conference (Boise Venues) and
  • Canyon County Conference (Middleton Venues)


We will be offering 21 training modules (6 weeks long), most free, at our facilities to each team that signs up for the league by  November 3. The hours are spread out in 6 weeks (Nov 7 through Dec 20) and will be Thursdays or Fridays.

Space available:

  • 12 free six weeks modules in Boise
  • 5 free six weeks modules in Middleton and
  • 4 six weeks modules in Middleton at only $15/hour.

Dates: January 9 - February 13 or February 21, 2020
Age Brackets: U8 - U19 (Male and Female)
Number of Games : 6 (round robin format with a league winner)
Awards Given to League Champions!
Games Days and Times: Thu or Fri evenings.


Team Entry Fee : $295 per team 

USYF Player Registration Fee : All players must register with USYF for $13.50 (annual fee, valid Aug 2019-July 2020)

Referee Fees (each team pays cash before each game to Referee):
U13 and under: $7/game/team.
U14-U16: $8/game/team
U17-U19: $9/game/team

Team Registration Deadline: Dec 20th, 2019

IISA Indoor Soccer Tournament - 12th annual edition!
WHEN: Dec 26, 27 and 30, 2019
WHERE: Idaho Soccer Center in Meridian, ID

Team Registration coming up soon!

Idaho Futsal League (US Youth Futsal Sanctioned)
WHEN: Jan 9-Feb 21, 2020
WHERE: Different Venues in the Boise and Middleton areas

Check our website for all info about the US Youth Futsal Sanctioned League described above:

Top 5 Futsal Skills for Early Player Development
1. Juggling
Juggling a futsal ball is the pathway to developing the perfect touch. Juggling does not ensure a pathway to the pros, but the player fluent in juggling crystallizes their ability to flow with the ball and perfect their touch. Juggling a futsal ball helps a player become comfortable with the ball and developing their fluidity in a way no other skill can.