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Monday, December 14, 2020
A new freezer recently delivered to Idaho State University has found an important use – storing southeast Idaho’s supply of COVID-19 vaccine. The freezer, a Thermo Scientific Revco RLE Series Ultra-Low freezer, is designed to hold a variety of items common to research facilities, such as tissue samples, DNA and RNA. With its capacity to store these substances at -86 degrees Celsius, and the fact that it’s not already full, it’s the perfect place for the incoming COVID-19 vaccine.
Pfizer’s vaccine, approved for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration on Dec. 10, requires storage at -70 degrees Celsius. Read More
Idaho State University Winter Commencement Ceremonies Dec. 12 featured pomp and circumstance, college processionals, the Star-Spangled Banner, inspirational speeches and the conferring of degrees and certificates to 1,254 fall and summer graduates.
Graduates were encouraged to celebrate at home using items like confetti poppers that were sent to each graduate in custom celebration boxes. For those who haven’t seen the ceremony or want to see it again, visit
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