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April 2015

Our manufacturers launch new products often. Once a month we will highlight a few and also include any other updates that we would like you to see. "I.D.E.A.S." is a good way to describe what our agency offers. Here's this month's featured list.

Cerro is now available in LED. It's a great complement to the popular M-Series from Selux, with its round architectural form. The profile height is less than 3 inches, making it ideal for ceilings with limited space. Recess, pendant, and surface mount are the available versions, with or without flange. This fixture is great for offices, lobbies, and institutions.



This newly launched product is truly an extraordinary architectural lighting element. Its sleek design, inspired by its namesake, is perfect for adding a decorative statement. Canoe is available as a pendant, sconce, or wall mount asymmetric. The standard colors are aluminum, polished copper, red, black, or white. Watch this video for a closer look.




Delivering LED omni-directional light, this fixture has the ability to light the ceiling and the floor simultaneously. The dimming capability even allows for the up and down light distribution to be controlled together or separately. There are 2 fins on the sides that attribute 20-25% of the up light. These fins can also be adjusted manually up to 15 degrees. Whiz Bidirectional is high performance, offering up to 25,000 lumens.



This exterior LED floodlight bullet has a rugged construction made to withstand the harshest of environments with a die-cast aluminum housing. It's a high performing fixture with multiple lumen packages, mounting options, and field changeable optics. There is also a regular or mini floodlight selection. This compact, yet powerful fixture sets a new standard for commercial exterior flood lighting.



This product guide is a comprehensive resource tool that hosts a wealth of information about Acuity's advanced controls technology. There are also details on controls strategies, including dimming, sensors, daylight harvesting, and much more. From wired to wireless systems, to implementing multiple levels and networks, this guide has it all.