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August 2015

Our manufacturers launch new products often. Once a month, we will highlight a few and also include any other updates we would like you to see. "I.D.E.A.S." is a good way to describe what our agency offers. Here's this month's featured list. 

The Incito 2" is a minimalist LED family that can be mounted in tight spaces. It can also be installed from below the ceiling pane. The 2" aperture makes for a compact, yet powerful fixture. There are also multiple outputs, beamspreads, and versions in this family. Whether you select a round or square downlight, wallwash, adjustable, or cylinder - the result is a clean, uniform, and precise look.





Here's a nice complement to the already popular Seem family. This version is a narrow 4" slot that is fully recessed, creating a clean visual aesthetic. Several mounting options are available including grid ceiling, trim flange, trimless drywall, and hard ceiling mounting. Its linear design provides uniformity and continuous runs can be achieved. The asymmetric feature makes this product great for highlighting subjects.




Recently, our line, Lumenpulse acquired a company called SDL Lighting. SDL is known for street and landscape lighting. "Lumenarea" is the result of this collaboration, providing an extensive portfolio of high performance products. Street and area luminaires, bollards and columns, wall selections, and poles are now available for a wide range of outdoor applications.



Another of our lines has acquired an outdoor company. B-K Lighting is excited to have ABS Lighting as a part of their team. ABS is one of the oldest and most reputable outdoor lighting manufacturers, known for very large, yet controlled beam products. Illuminating with precision and optical versatility are strengths the two companies combined now have. Roadways, stadiums, parking lots, and large buildings are good applications for these products.




This product's niche is tunnels, underpasses, railways, and entryways. It's designed to provide exact amounts of light, covering critical zones that may need more light in specific areas. The fixture is very durable and robust. It's sealed, but accessible from the front. Equipped with dimming and remote management capabilities, this product is low-maintenance and can certainly reduce the cost of ownership.